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Napster / Rhapsody International Complaints & Reviews

Napster / Rhapsody International / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 06, 2019

I did not ever sign up for Napster and I do not want Napster. I didn't even know what it was. You have taken it out of my bank account 2 times that I know of. I want to be reimbursed ASAP and do NOT take another cent out of my account or I will turn you in to the authorities. Here is a...

[Resolved] Napster / Rhapsody International / napster music online

May 30, 2018

Tonight I turned on my Napster music only to be cut for lack of payment, this after nine years of auto pay. I fallowed the prompts to make the payment of $9.99, then return to the sight only to be cut of again, this time I went to my account only to find they had charged me $95.00 for a...

Napster / Rhapsody International / napster

Jul 26, 2017

Cancel my account immediately. Since you have not one phone number or human, you need to think about emailing me about my account, which you have charged for but have no recognition so i can cancel. I have a lawyer for this kind of crap. Your next on my list. Do not reply????? Then DO NOT...

Napster / customer service

May 01, 2017

On 4/03/17 I subscribed to a 30 day free trial for which I used my personal credit card to start the trial. I am been happy with the music service for the most part. When my trial period was nearing the end, I wanted to change my credit card info over to my business credit card. I did thi...

Napster I Rhapsody / Can't cancel through them

Mar 19, 2017

I have tried to find a way to cancel my account for a good while. No phone number, or forum, or anything but music to download, & I am still being billed. This is the first time ha v e been directed some place. Debra D Wilkes, is all was needed other than card #, that I do not give out...

Napster / Overbilled charges

Feb 14, 2017

Ri Napster I Rhapsody $87.63 Posted Date: Monday, February 06, 2017 Transaction Number: 618 Transaction Type: Signature-Based Card Purchase Payment Authorized By: Rodney Bullock Info: 650 480 5770, WA I was billed 9.99 Jan 31 and then on the 4 of February I cancelled my service and...

Napster / Cancellation

Jan 20, 2017

I would like to cancel my account . I would like all money taken from account refunded as I cant use the site on my phone and sent an email asking to have it cancelled as soon as i realised this. My name is William Sean Mitchell. My email is And you have my account...

Napster / Happy long time rhapsody customer switched to horrible napster

Nov 11, 2016

I have been with Rhapsody for over ten years without any problems until Napster took over. I was promised nothing would change and I would have my same playlists. This is not true! My available playlists seems to be within the past four years and those dating beyond are no longer...

Rhapsody/ Napster / Online music subscription

Aug 27, 2016

Years ago I stopped using Rhapsody and thought it was cancelled. They have been billing our credit card for years, $9.99, for years. It is impossible to call or contact them.Their product was awful, lots of the music was unavailable that I wanted so I have Amazon Prime. Which I never have... / U have tuck money out of my account which there shouldn't of been any money tuck out of my bank

Nov 07, 2015

Iam Mr Peter James Allen my address is 24 dent street / bishop auckland / co durham / DL14 9SZ My mobile number 07967548458 Email D.o.b : 19 December 1985 You tuck £10 out of my account and u shouldn't of I didn't sing up to any thing for u to take money out if my acount...

Rhapsody / crecit card

Aug 06, 2011

Rhapsody has been charging my credit card inappropriately since November. They have my email address, and credit card number, but the WRONG NAME. I think that the mistake is on their end -- the company changed from Real Networks, to Rhapsody International around April. So they agree to...

Rhapsody / Stealing Credit Card Data

Jun 16, 2011

Apparently back in Dec.2010 I signed up for a supposed 'FREE" trial on Rhaposdy. I NEVER gave them any credit card data. Whenever I sign up for something that is free and it throws me to a SSL Credit Card data page, I instantly close out the page and delete the history of that URL. I... / There are much better and less expensive music services than &Crapsody&

Apr 30, 2011

I was offered a 10 day free trial for services and was required to give credit card information in case the "free" trial was not cancelled within the 10 days. As soon as my financial information was offered, another window opened saying I was not eligible for a free trial because I had...

Rhapsody / billed for free trial

Feb 20, 2011

charged me 10 dollars when i signed up for free trial period offer. called to complain and the charge was not refunded. the sign would not accept my email address spelling spoke to two techs who changed my password and i still could not get into site. they told me i was a rhapsody premier...

Rhapsody / Free trial is not free


The free trial that Rhapsody advertises on TV and on the Web is a SCAM. You think you will get a free membership for 14 days that will give you unlimited songs only to be billed for it. On the first day of my trial, I was billed 200.00 and was told basically, too bad, because I ordered the...

Rhapsody / Internet Fraud


Rhapsody knowingly charges $1, 000's to people's credit cards for fictional services. For some bizarre reason, a company that seems to have a great business selling music online, needs to scam unsuspecting people with fictional charges. In Oct. of 2009 I signed up for a music...

Rhapsody / Monthly subscription


Proceed with caution before you venture with any type of monthly subscription to Rhapsody. I forgot to cancel my free trial, so I was charged a monthly fee. I then went to cancel my subscription immediately, and I was charged again. Since I did not keep any copies of verification that I...

Rhapsody Book Club / Book Search Plus


Rhapsody Book club, part of the DoubleDay book club and others like Science Fiction Book Club, offer a service (a third party service through their club) called Book Search Plus. The first complaint is that nothing you purchase through Book Search Plus can be used to fulfill membership...

Napster / Stealing other MP3s


I have discovered that the Napster Software is mis-indentifing tracks I have downloaded from Amazon and placing their license restrictions on unristricted MP3se. I happened to discover this by chance when I tried to send an MP3 to a friend. When the Napster screen popped up I deleted the...

Rhapsody / Incomplete albums


As I have discovered, extra tracks means less than original album and maybe one other unidentifiable track so, I want a full copy of my purchased albums With or without the so called extra crap. So, I expect one of these options: Complete albums or complete refund, one or the other, ether would...

Rhapsody Music/RN All Access / Rip-Off /Horrible Customer Care


My daughter subscribed to a free trial offer from Rhapsody music when she received her first MP3 player, Christmas of 2008. She couldn't load any songs on to her player, so she never used the service (she thought she had cancelled the service during the trial period). Not realizing...

Napster / Deceptive Offers


I joined Napster after looking at a 7-day trial membership offer claiming I would only be charged $5 / month only after the 7 days. Within a couple days my account charged over $60.00 for an entire year's membership. When I finally found a customer service phone number on their...

Rhapsody / Cancelled in in August


Cancelled Rhapsody and removed it from my computer. I am still being billed $12.99 on my credit card. Please adjust and take my name off of your account. / Charged 3 months after online cancellation


I investigated an online account with Rhapsody on a trial basis. Exceptionally easy to set up on line. Found that the service did not work for me with my current mp3 player, and attempted to cancel the trial on the same day. I quickly discovered the convenience for cancellation was not...

Rhapsody / Cancelling Membership


RHAPSODY monthly unlimited offer is a SCAM and so is their cancellation policy. RHAPSODY purposely makes it difficult for you to cancel your membership to increase the amount of billings they can make. I consider this service unreputable for this reason. Why would a service not allow you... / Free trial


They offered a 14 day free trial. I couldn't find information on the free trial so I proceeded to sign up. When I found out it required a months purchase I clicked out of the page. By that time I had given my credit card info. They never sent an e-mail verifing my purchase so I had no...

RN *RHAPSODY MUSIC / unauthorized charges


i did not authorize any charges on my card for rhapsody music and they charged anyways.i would like to get my money back asap because i need it for real life not music.

Rhapsody Music Service / Unauthorized charges


Purchased online music download for $10.99 through the Rhapsody client software. The download did not begin and my account information did not reflect the purchase or a failed download. I re-attempted the process, which began the download and completed successfully. Upon checking my...

Napster / fraudulent credit card charges


Chase fraud department called to inquire if I charged $1 on Napster, which I did not. Seems this is such a popular site to test stolen credit cards, Chase has to call their customers to verify. Any reputable business would implement their own security procedures.

RN Rhapsody Music / billing after cancelling program


I telephoned RN Rhapsody Music two or three months ago to cancel service. I removed program from my computer, but have continued to receive monthly charge of $12.99 on my credit card. I am requesting here that the account be cancelled immediately.

Rn Real Com Online & Rn Rhapsody Music / illegal deduction of funds from my account


i was charged 38.00 for something that i never ordered and i want the money put back onto my account before i file criminal charges against your company.

Napster / Overcharged!

While reconciling our checkbook for the year we had noticed that Napster has been double charging our account for the past year. Error was due to entering same information (we thought) in to access our account. Then we find we had been charged twice a month for the service. Called Napster to... / Automatically billed for services I did not order

I have a subscription to Rhapsody. It is paid for automatically on my American Express Card. When reviewing my bill, I saw where I was also charged for Realarcade Subscription and Superpass. I did not order these other two subscriptions. The cost was an additional 10.87 and 16.31...

Napster / Cancellation


I can't believe how difficult it is to try to cancel the free 7-day trial its absolutely ridiculous. The instructions tell you to sign in then click on my account in the top left hand corner select account status and billing menu then SIMPLY chose the change membership option. ...

Napster / Terrible cancellation process


I tried to cancel online. They give you an 800 number to call that has a 30+ minute wait no matter when you call. I am still on hold with them for the second time (had to abandon the first one after 30 minutes because other things in life won't wait that long :(). There has to be a...

Napster / Stay clear of their company at all costs!

I joined napster about a year ago, upon trying to sign-on to download music, it wouldn't let me into my account. About a week later I gave up after e-mailing them for help, the e-mails I received were generic at best, basically it said I had something set improperly in my P.C. So I did...

Napster / What a useless pain!

Napster has the most difficult if not impossible automated voice system I have ever encountered. I've been trying to call because my free MP3 player's shipment keeps getting delayed, but I can't talk to a person to save my own life. The automated voice, which is grating...