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[Resolved] unauthorized credit card charges

I did not ever sign up for Napster and I do not want Napster. I didn't even know what it was. You have taken it out of my bank account 2 times that I know of. I want to be reimbursed ASAP and do NOT take another cent out of my account or I will turn you in to the authorities. Here is a copy of the transaction and you took it out on 05-06-2019 also. I want all of my money back and I have told the bank to stop payment. Susanne Trobaugh


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

[Resolved] napster music online

Tonight I turned on my Napster music only to be cut for lack of payment, this after nine years of auto pay. I...


Cancel my account immediately. Since you have not one phone number or human, you need to think about emailing...

customer service

On 4/03/17 I subscribed to a 30 day free trial for which I used my personal credit card to start the trial. I am been happy with the music service for the most part. When my trial period was nearing the end, I wanted to change my credit card info over to my business credit card. I did this on 4/27/17, which is not 30 days. I was charged right then and there $10.91 to my old card. I was on a Napster Chat session this morning with "Tom" who said that when I changed my credit card information I came off the 30 day free trial and onto a monthly subscription. Really!!! I asked that the $10.91 be refunded back to my old credit card, and he replied that I would need to update the credit card information online again. Which I said, NO, if I updated it again I was afraid I would be charged again. He said this was the only way unless I wanted another 30 days of a free trial. All I wanted was my refund, not another trial. Heck I was willing to pay for the business to have the music service but not be charged $10.91 during a trial period. He would not budge. I feel that customer service is suppose to be the lifeblood of a business. This customer service was in my opinion very poor and yes, I gave them a very poor rating. Please watch your billing with these guys.

Can't cancel through them

I have tried to find a way to cancel my account for a good while. No phone number, or forum, or anything but...

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Overbilled charges

Ri Napster I Rhapsody $87.63 Posted Date: Monday, February 06, 2017 Transaction Number: 618 Transaction...


I would like to cancel my account . I would like all money taken from account refunded as I cant use the site...

Happy long time rhapsody customer switched to horrible napster

I have been with Rhapsody for over ten years without any problems until Napster took over. I was promised nothing would change and I would have my same playlists. This is not true! My available playlists seems to be within the past four years and those dating beyond are no longer visible.

Rhapsody subscribers pay a higher monthly for a low performance service which charges members at a lower rate. I feel I have been grossly lied too, bamboozled, and cheated.

At the cost of approximately $2, 000 for my overall music subscription, I expect better service than Napster has provided. I feel long term Rhapsody customers have been defrauded.

  • Si
    Simon Kool Nov 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think the opposite and in fact, Napster didn't take over anything. Rhapsody simply changed the named of the same product they have always had to Napster. That's it! A simple name change. They are still the exact same company in every way. They have owned the rights to the name Napster for years now and just decided to use it. If you really have that big of a problem, their customer service is great and I'm sure they would get you some answers if you just asked.
    ~ A Well Informed Customer

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Online music subscription

Years ago I stopped using Rhapsody and thought it was cancelled. They have been billing our credit card for years, $9.99, for years. It is impossible to call or contact them.Their product was awful, lots of the music was unavailable that I wanted so I have Amazon Prime. Which I never have any problems with. I have complained to the credit card company and the Better Business Bureau. There is no way to unsubscribe either by phone or email on their website. I have tried. I think they just crossed off the Rhapsody moniker and changed it to Napster, assuming I would not notice. I have called the credit company several times. They should have been shut down years ago, the owners are thieves and I want my money back. Thank you.

U have tuck money out of my account which there shouldn't of been any money tuck out of my bank

Iam Mr Peter James Allen my address is 24 dent street / bishop auckland / co durham / DL14 9SZ My mobile number [protected] Email [protected] D.o.b : 19 December 1985 You tuck £10 out of my account and u shouldn't of I didn't sing up to any thing for u to take money out if my acount only for free trial . You had left me with no money to pay for my gas Iam on benifits and what u tuck was my money to get gas I have had to go with out thanks to you charging me for something I don't use can u look in to this and see if u can return my money please thank you Mr Peter J Allen

crecit card

Rhapsody has been charging my credit card inappropriately since November. They have my email address, and credit card number, but the WRONG NAME. I think that the mistake is on their end -- the company changed from Real Networks, to Rhapsody International around April.

So they agree to "cancel" the account now but won't refund the money, because of "fraudulent" use of the card. And furthermore, except that it is not my name, they won't tell me the name that is using my card, "for security reasons."

What kind of BS is this?

The credit card company agrees to reverse the charges and "investigate" . We'll see.

  • Tm
    tmk Mar 18, 2009

    Rhapsody stole my money from my account twice, I emailed them and got no response, I made a police report for theft, I am now talking with my Attoney General, and I'm writing these conplaints everywhere

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  • Tj
    TJ87265 Jun 29, 2009

    Your complaint supplies no details. How did Rhapsody steal from you?

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  • Ja
    jaminoli Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They charge 9.99 a month and short of closing accounts their is no way, short of closing to find my head from their nus and if you know of one e/mail it to me at <[email protected]>

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Stealing Credit Card Data

Apparently back in Dec.2010 I signed up for a supposed 'FREE" trial on Rhaposdy. I NEVER gave them any credit card data. Whenever I sign up for something that is free and it throws me to a SSL Credit Card data page, I instantly close out the page and delete the history of that URL.
I recently signed up for a Apple iTunes account with the purchase of my new iPad2 .. The credit card number I gave them is from a Visa card that I got in May 2011. Within 12 hours of entering that data with APPLE, I saw a charge from Rhapsody. How in the hell can Rhapsody get my credit card # from Apple, a complete seperate business entity, according to records obtained online. This is very Phishy and the fact that Apple would allow such fraud makes me question if you should even give your credit card data to APPLE, whom I thought was reputable and secure. God forbid that Rhapsody might think you owe hundreds of dollars and then APPLE gives them your credit card number and you get Blasted with fraudulent charges. My Advice to anyone & everyone is to stay far away from Rhapsody and maybe even APPLE until you find out what situations your credit card data can be shared. I now go to my local supermarket and buy PREPAID VISA cards in low denominations ( $25 or $50 or $100 ) and use that card info for online purposes/purchases. it seems this is the only way nowadays to shop secure and prevent un-authorized charges OR any kind of reccuring charges, that may become a HUGE HASSLE to dispute with your bank or card company.

STAY SAFE/SHOP SAFE/BUY PREPAID and NEVER give your card number to ANY company if you can help it.
Chris S. ( Waterloo, Ontario )

There are much better and less expensive music services than &Crapsody&

I was offered a 10 day free trial for services and was required to give credit card information in case the "free" trial was not cancelled within the 10 days.

As soon as my financial information was offered, another window opened saying I was not eligible for a free trial because I had already used this option previously. OK. I did not recall ever having a relationship with Rhapsody. My preferred music stations on the Web has been Slacker, iTunes, etc. I did not accept a financial obligation with Rhapsody. When I was informed that I wasn't getting the freebie, I assumed the relationship was over. This was in November, 2010.

At this time, my elderly laptop was on a steady downward slant and soon died an ugly death. I am disabled from a car crash and live frugally on a fixed income. I pay most of my bills online. Having a computer is a necessity for me but it took me until April, 2011 to save enough for another. (The repairs to my old laptop was going to be over $500.)

When I finally got back online, I noticed that Rhapsody had charged me $14.99 per month for December, January, February, and March. I did not and could not have used their services and did not agree to pay for their services. Cancelling their services was much more difficult than getting them!

I emailed them requesting a refund but have not received a response, of course. All Web surfers should beware of this lousy ripoff machine. There are much better and less expensive music services than "Crapsody."

  • Po
    pobarjenkins May 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Didn't you notice them debiting your bank account?

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billed for free trial

charged me 10 dollars when i signed up for free trial period offer. called to complain and the charge was not refunded. the sign would not accept my email address spelling spoke to two techs who changed my password and i still could not get into site. they told me i was a rhapsody premier member. the second tech said he was too busy to i cancelled subscription and it wouldn't accept my request. never got to use it

  • Sc
    Schneal Apr 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing happened to me. I even went through the process of cancelling it online before the end of the free trial, but still got charged. The customer service rep hung up on me when I called to contest it and said maybe I should call my credit card to dispute the charges. Scam.

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Free trial is not free

The free trial that Rhapsody advertises on TV and on the Web is a SCAM. You think you will get a free membership for 14 days that will give you unlimited songs only to be billed for it. On the first day of my trial, I was billed 200.00 and was told basically, too bad, because I ordered the songs. Really, do I need to subscribe to a free trial to pay for it. Do not fall for this SCAM.

  • An
    andybotw Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    LOL. You thought downloading the songs would be free? And that's Rhapsody's problem because you didn't stop to read? God invented the internet for people like you to complain about their own incompetence. Rhapsody is an amazing service! You can RENT all the songs you like for $10 a month. Let's see itunes make you that same deal. FAIL COMPLAINT IS A FAIL.

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  • An
    andybotw Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the way, let me help you. Go to and look up the spelling of the word "scammed". It is, as you will find out, not "scamed". Best of luck with your reading comprehension skills, Pam!

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Internet Fraud

Rhapsody knowingly charges $1, 000's to people's credit cards for fictional services. For some bizarre reason, a company that seems to have a great business selling music online, needs to scam unsuspecting people with fictional charges. In Oct. of 2009 I signed up for a music trial subscription and quickly cancelled it (I found their UI confusing and counterintuitive). Rhapsody did not cancel the subscription. Much worse, unknown to me, Rhapsody also started subscriptions for 2 services: gamehouse ($10.61/mth) and real networks($15.93/ mth). 2 services I have never heard of. I travel alot, and have many monthly charges - I did not notice these until I was recently working on my taxes. Over the past 12 months, Rhapsody charged my card over $500! Rhapsody customer service acknowledges that I never used the services and cannot show any evidence of my signup. I work in the IT industry, and use online buying frequently; if their website gave me any indication that I was signing up for services I have no interest in, I would have caught it (admitely, I need to watch my credit card statements much closer). They know they have $500 from someone who obtained no services from them. After a long surreal debate, they offered to refund $160. Of course, if $160 was fraudently charged, the whole $500 was. I'm rigorously working to get back the rest of my money. If you have had a similiar issue with Rhapsody and would like to help me fight back, email me at [protected]

Monthly subscription

Proceed with caution before you venture with any type of monthly subscription to Rhapsody. I forgot to cancel my free trial, so I was charged a monthly fee. I then went to cancel my subscription immediately, and I was charged again. Since I did not keep any copies of verification that I cancelled it, I cancelled the subscription again, maintained confirmation of the cancellation, and I was charged again the following month. I have spent hours of time trying to rectify this issue without it being solved at this time.

  • De
    deborah standard Feb 20, 2011

    i was charged 10 dollars and told i was not the trial offer and they never refunded my money nor would it accept my email address. told on chat line barry was too busy to deal with my resolution cancelled subscription and it wouldn't accept my cancelation.

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Book Search Plus

Rhapsody Book club, part of the DoubleDay book club and others like Science Fiction Book Club, offer a service (a third party service through their club) called Book Search Plus. The first complaint is that nothing you purchase through Book Search Plus can be used to fulfill membership agreements (buy so many books to fulfill your membership). Second, books purchased through them will not count for offers like buy two get one free. Third complaint about Book Search Plus; you can not use the 'Bill Me' option. You have to pay up front with a credit/debit card. And they DO NOT bill you till they ship the book. So if you are using a debit card, you absolutely must make sure you have the money in the bank till they actually send the book, or you might overdraw. My biggest complaint about Book Search Plus; you can not get any information through the club about this service. How to contact them to find out when you will get your book. When they will charge your credit/debit card. Nothing. The book club should have some contact information available. But they do not. They absolve themselves of any liability or repsonsibility when you purchase a book through Book Search Plus. It doesn't matter to them that you are purchasing the book through their book club. To them, it is a third-party service, so they don't have to be responsible. AT ALL. I ordered a book over two weeks ago through Book Search Plus. I had ordered one once before and got it no problem. This time, it seems to be on permanent backorder. Since I can not get in touch directly with the Book Search Plus company (I tried the email address on the packing slip with my last book, but it came back as undeliverable), I have to get in touch with my Rhapsody Book club and hope they can help. They can't. They aren't responsible for that company. So now this company (that I can't even find out anything about online, even if it's real and exists) has my credit card information. And I have no idea when or if I will ever get my book. This is not how a company should be run. The book club itself should be responsible. They should at least provide some contact information to their customers so if there is a problem someone can do something about it. But no. Nothing.

  • Lo
    Lotuseclat77 Oct 22, 2010

    I just received a book from them. Here is there phone number and address.


    Booksearch Plus- CDF
    201 Ingrim Drive
    Roseburg OR. 97471-7153

    Might I suggest getting with your CC company and see if they have a way to contact this company if you don't get anywhere. Let them know you paid for this book and have not received it. Good luck!


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  • Ap
    April l jansen Jul 26, 2013

    I have received books from them in the past and they make it very difficult to speak to any customer service. In fact the number on the panflet actually is to Columbia house DVD service center.888-954-2665(book). They obviously do not want to be bothered with any calls.


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  • Ja
    James Amoroso Mar 14, 2014

    Account #043097367---- I don't for one moment believe you did not receive my Email dated
    3/13/14 .For months you have been giving me the run around .WHY? We are both losing out
    I am not able to purchase books and you are missing out on the money that I send on them.
    As I have repeated time and again When you supposedly re-vamped your system you deleted
    my account .It was your mistake and it is up to you to reinstate me as a member, unless there
    is a reason you want me out of the club . If that is the case I am entitled to an explanation !

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  • Ja
    James Amoroso Mar 14, 2014

    Account # 043097367 I have already posted my complaint . Does anyone at Rhapsody know
    how to read an Email.?

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Stealing other MP3s

I have discovered that the Napster Software is mis-indentifing tracks I have downloaded from Amazon and placing their license restrictions on unristricted MP3se. I happened to discover this by chance when I tried to send an MP3 to a friend. When the Napster screen popped up I deleted the track and downloaded a new version from Amazon. The same thing happened and will continue to happen until I remove the Napster software.

I suspect Napster is aware of this and chooses not to address it because they have not been sued yet - lets hope that changes soon.

Incomplete albums

As I have discovered, extra tracks means less than original album and maybe
one other unidentifiable track so, I want a full copy of my purchased albums With or without the so called extra crap. So, I expect one of these options: Complete albums or complete refund, one or the other, ether would satisfy me, however neither will not so you decide do you want a battle on your hands or not. Most of my downloads were of the Doors however those that were not came off without a hitch. When I say unidentifiable, it wasn't on the original album and that is my main interest, the original album. Should you not comply, I will call my bank thus their will be none sucked further from me.

Disgruntled Client
Ben Polinger

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