Najm One / Majid Al Futtaim Financepoor customer service

R Aug 12, 2018

I have been using Najm Credit card since August 2015 and Paying fees of AED.200 as Annual charges.
a few days, after purchasing at one of the supermarket in abu dhabi along with my family, during bill payment it was brought to my knowledge by their employee that my credit card has already been expired and we left the place with great embarrassment.

It is sad the even after paying annual charges, Najm team has not reminding to customers regarding the expiry dates/renewal.

I am using service from other banks as well and all of them provide us with new card before its expiry or at least let us reminded.

I have called Najm Customer Service department to inform regarding this, but got a irresponsible feed back(ref: maf4898290)

All these made me to think twice whether to continue with Najm service or Not and Finally decide to deactivate the card.

Hence Consider this movement to improve the service to Najm customers to avoid loss of many more customers like me.

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