Munnik Basson Dagama[protected] vodacom account

D Aug 17, 2018

Good Day

I have been trying to call MBD's office, after struggling i got hold of a consultant, after explaining that i wanted a paid up letter, she gave me the number of the Customer care, I have been trying to get hold of someone in customer care but have had no Joy. How hard can it be to send me a paid up letter as my account has now been paid up, i have emailed my settlement letter as well as the amount paid to [protected] as well as to [protected] who send me the paid up letter, yet I am still receiving messages to say that I have failed to pay my account, which I did. I know that I get billed for every sms, call and email you send me, but these that get send after a payment was made I will not pay for. Please send me my paid up letter, and correct it on my name as the credit bureau said that it shows that I still owe Vodacom 7000.00 which is not correct.

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