MultiChoice Africa / DSTVsubscription

I'm completely appalled by the level of incompetence there at Multichoice. I have been going back and forth with Multichoice trying to get assistance with no success. I have been to the store, emailed and called on several occasions because they continuously disconnect me. I have used up so much money making calls to them daily. Initially, no one could give me an explanation as to where the extra amount of money was coming from because I pay the agreed amount on time as per the contract. I have shared my bank statement by showing the payment in question because they say I have not paid in May though my bank statement shows otherwise. Now they are saying I must pay R596 but no sane person would pay knowing good and well that they did not miss a payment, they are saying I must go back to checkers to request a reprint of which I did but I was told that they are not able to reprint DStv payments.

Oct 02, 2019

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