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so it started about three months ago, one day my picture just disappeared and I called it in and I was told one of multichoices satellites went down in space. called a couple days later and was told satellites were repaired however I now needed to upgrade my decoder, which I then did, called it in again and was told everything clear on there side I needed to get an installer in, got the installer in and rewired my whole house called them again and still was told I needed to get the installer in, I had the installer speak to the agent and still was told the fault is on my side. I did everything dstv told me to do spent thousands of airtime, effort and family time and money and still had only channel 100 playing. all still while dstv persists in telling me the problem was on my side. I have requested countless call spoken to agents supervisors and many managers and still nothing, eventually a guy from the technical department calls me and fixes the problem in 10 minutes, this being after I was told to do all this things and spend this money and still paying for the two months subscription while having no picture, I can name all the ppl I spoke to and one specific manager who has the nerve in telling me I am not telling the truth. I am very disappointed and frankly just had enough. I asked to speak to his manager and he refused me

  • Updated by, Sep 11, 2019

    I have still not received any feedback as I refused to pay dstv a cent more, some on called me once and promised to upgrade me to the premium package at no cost but I have received nothing, I have spoken to a Jamie botha, nandipa, anton matibelo, ntabiseng and the worst manager in a customer service role ever a mr Lashen Naidoo, this gentleman proposed to solve my problem with out investigating the complaint, as per him I am not telling the truth and I am looking for some kind of freebee, he has no customer service skills what so ever and how he became a manager baffels me. he should be removed from the building immediately as he is incompetent, he belittled me, insulted me and made as if i'm doing him a favour by paying my dstv account, I pay my account each and every month on time even though my picture was not playing but this guy, I asked to speak to his immediate manager and he refused me as if he knew he was in the wrong, PLEASE DSTV, PLEASE SORT OUT MY QUERY, PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND LISTEN TO ALL MY CALLS AND PLEASE DONT LET MR LASHEN NAIDOO GET INVOLVED WITH ANY MORE CLIENTS AND HE IS BRING YOUR NAME TO THE GROUND

Sep 11, 2019

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