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kindly be advised that I am sending this email to you as a complaint I have with multichoice as per the customer number stated above.

I have upgraded my package from compact to premium merely because of the rugby world cup on the 21st September 2019
I have done this through your whatsapp portal messaging
after that I was advised to pay the amount of R119.03 of which such fund shall take 5-si minutes to reflect
the same whatsapp message in my possession reads, should I not pay such an amount, it shall then be added onto my account for my next payment date, the payment date which I have verified also during endless phone calls this morning with various call centre personnel still indicates that I shall only pay on the 1St of October 2019.
my services were disconnected this morning, I did not get a clear reason why but with the conversation with one of the consultants I was advised on paying R287.00 inclusive of reconnection fee and I wanted to know why the reconnection fee whereas the whatsapp message was clear that such an upgrade amount shall be added into my next payment date.
I do not see logic in this cause:
1. my payment date still says end of the month
2. my account is up to date as off beginning September 2019
3. when and how was I informed of the consequences subsequent to failure to pay whereas it was stipulated in the message.
4. my package is compact and am still going to downgrade I only upgraded because of rugby world cup
5. the amount of R1151.53 can be expected from me as off the beginning of October should I wish to continue on this premium package or the upgrade amount maybe included in my premium should I not wish to continue

please address the following in your solution- the whole day that I called looking for a solution and the shows that my child who is on the holiday missed

I have had enough apologies and explanations over the system which might have "mis-calculated" or whatever the case maybe, the logic is the system is controlled by a human.

the amount worked out for my September month as paid was not fully enjoyed, I want the solution now, am only willing to pay the amount of R119.03 as I had agreed on upon upgrading my package, I wont pay the reconnection fee as there was nothing stipulated or stated anywhere which said my services shall be disconnected as am only waiting for the month end.
my first phone call lasted 21 minutes since I was made to hold the line
my second phone call lasted 16 minutes and it just went dead and no one from multi choice called back.
my third phone call lasted over 10 minutes without a solution
all in all 47 minutes of airtime spent without a solution, you might want to review your customer service priorities


Oct 03, 2019

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