MultiChoice Africa / DSTVprice lock

I am on a PriceLock contract for R899.00pm. Nothing more! It's a breach of contract if DStv charges me more. But they have. Twice.

My September 2019 debit order was for R1236.78. R337.68 overcharged. No explanation. After 3 weeks of correspondence on Facebook Messenger, DStv refunded me R 299.13. Hence DStv still owed me R38.65.

My October 2019 debit order was for R1014.35. R115.35 overcharged. No explanation.

DStv now owes me a refund of R38.65+R115.35=R154.00.

It seems that DStv is plummetting into self-destruction. They can't get simple debit orders right. They take 3 weeks to refund. The service centre is the worst ever.

Oct 02, 2019

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