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I am om Price Lock since November 2018 at a fixed price of R749 with my debit order being deducted on the 20th of the month. On 17 Sept I got notification that an amount of R1 038.45 will be collected on 20 Sept (wrong amount). On 19 Sept my services were suspended due to non-payment (debit order is for 20th). After more or less an hour attempting to speak to someone at the call centre (my airtime) the agent reconnected me and said that I had to e-mail Price Lock to resolve the. I wrote an e-mail and received an automated response with no reply to date (2 October). On 24 September I received notification that my services were suspended due non-payment and I had to pay R339 to be reconnected. I once again called the call centre wasting time and money just to be informed that Price Lock has to sort it out, the agent was not willing to reconnect me this time. None of the agents that I spoke to were able to provide reference numbers as the system was "slow". Since I wanted to watch TV on a freezing day I paid the money to reconnect my DSTV. When I switched it on there was basically no shows or movies on Catch Up. After another call wasting time and money it was restored after about 4 hours vs the agent's promise of 30 - 45 minutes. I receveid a phone call on 26 September with the promise that my issues will be resolved and that a specialist will be in contact with me via email which of course has not happened to date. The commitment was that I will be reimbursed and that there will not be a recurrence of this unacceptable situation. DSTV has basically stolen from me and have not kept any promises but inconvenienced me greatly time and time again. I kept complaining on the email address provided just to hear that they have responded to an old email address I had. Really?! Why not respond to the mail that the complaint came from? My best is that Price Lock apparently does not have a number to call. I would like to be reimbursed and assured that this issue has been sorted out.

Oct 02, 2019

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