MultiChoice Africa / DSTVpathetic service delivery

My customer number is [protected] and and taking time to write as whenever I call into the call centres I get frustrated with the incompetentcy level I have to deal with.

I have over the past 2 weeks experienced the most disgusting service from DSTV in all the companies I have ever dealt with! After 5 attempts to reconnect my account there was absolutely nothing the customer services could do except advise that I must pay astronomical amounts, reconnection fees and a bouquet fee that has nothing to offer besides sports.

I made use of the WhatsApp service you have to offer(which is absolutely brilliant) and upgraded my decoder to the premium bouquet(which had a prorate of R260) on Saturday the 21st for the rugby and the morning of the 26th September was disconnected, I intern completed a payment of R295 and called your call centre to find out why my amount due was R1342.98 (unauthorised). The person that dealt with me could not explain and I called the following day again to find out why this amount was due.

After another frustrating call I eventually requested to speak to a manger on duty on Friday the 27th at 17:10 to assist and requested that he try and assist so I left my contact details with that individual and he up until this point has neglected to make any contact to assist!

I called this afternoon and chatted with a Damian Ready and end up being frustrated again with the only option is that I must pay a reconnection fee(which I will gladly do) but that I need to pay the premium service bouquet as well, which as mentioned above is absolutely insane. I have requested that the bouquet be downgraded to the DSTV access bouquet and was advised that I cannot be assisted in this matter.

When ever I deal with the DSTV team there is this tendency that DSTV has the monopoly and leave customers with no other option but to pay astronomical amounts for a service that has no value besides the sports. As consumers there needs to be alternatives and choices we should make instead of staring down the barrel of a gun from companies that makes billions and give so little in return.

Oct 01, 2019

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