MultiChoice Africa / DSTVincompetent agents

At 8:54am I called MultiChoice Johannesburg call centre seeking help with my PVR connection, was put through to an Agent named Cindy, gave her all the details she required as she tried to resolve the matter, she put me on hold for about 17-20 min because the matter required to be dealt with at the manager's desk. I was patient really because I wanted my account to be fixed. She then returns to put me on hold again for I don't know how long only to tell me that i need to go to the nearest MultiChoice centre and ask them why my pvr is not connecting, oh whilst we at she deleted my JOOX account aswell. So I ask, how is the nearest centre going to help me if head office can't?I then ask to speak the manager cause now my Dstv is on Chanel 100 my pvr is not working my JOOX is off on a Saturday that i was planning to stay in the house and catch up on all my programs. Cindy decides to put on hold to get the manager and a couple of minutes later my call got cut!

Why does MultiChoice employ such people that have no clue what their duties are at the center. My understanding is that Cindy had no idea what she was doing and could not refer me to the next agent.

Immediately after I spoke to Kgomotso who resolved the matter for me in less than 10min. If I had listened to Cindy I would have had a bad Saturday trying to fix a 10min error.

Thank you Kgomotso, as for Cindy please take her back for Training she is not ready for teqnical calls.

Oct 12, 2019

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