MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv premium

I am away on holiday and have brought my Dstv card with me as I am a premium subscriber. I tried to pair my card with the holiday home I am using, only to be told I cannot. Just another way DStv has let me down, I have been a premium subscriber for over 15years and now cannot watch World Cup rugby! I have close to 300 000 followers on social media and further more within my business, and am inclined to let know how it's always a mission to get a simple service! I feel this is so pathetic, something so simple and advertised by Dstv, but again just such a mission! It's no wonder people are changing to alternatives & Netflix! DStv leaves such a bad taste in a persons mouth! Just pay pay pay yet service and customer help is not there! Pathetic!

Oct 07, 2019

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