MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv installation

Hi I bought my Dstv decoder at pep 27 sept den I was given a number for Amaponi trading for installation, the agent name was Nkosi. it my first time I have Dstv and I do not know how it works, he install it bt he did not activate it, coz he told me to wait for 1 hrs and 30 minutes then it will work.

But later I tried set channels but no luck I even ask people to come and help but I was give me an error it called E17 or R17 wht wht, , then call back amaponi trading bt they did not pick up, , luckily we find someone who works for another installation company tel us that it not activated, I was very disappointed that how could multi choice hv contractors who do not know they are job, to do installation for people

After that I buy airtime, I called multi choice in Dbn and I was assisted by LERUNO, , he actually helps me a lot coz he activate my Dstv, thanks to him for excellent customer service, , other than that I'm very disappointed with your contractors called Amaponi Trading for such pathetic service, I'm sure I wasn't the first person experiencing dis and I'm not da last, , Plz sort them out

Sep 28, 2019

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