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I am really disguisted with the service I have recieved from dstv As a whole this month I've been a client from dstv for over 2years now already and the way I have been treated is a complete shame I wouldn't advise anyone to continue with dstv because the contact centre if you require there help there is nothing they can do for you they completely useless they dont acknowledge what you are saying and talk to the colleagues in the back ground instead while you explaining your issue.

Ive been calling since my billing date to down grade my package and when I called the first time it was told only after 10 minutes into the call that the systems were down and I needed to call another time to do the down grade which was after my billing date I called again which the agent said it's pass my billing date and there's nothing that can be done and hung up on me after then again I called and the next agent assured me the downgrade will be done as the previous agent requested the wrong date for downgrade I was assured but when I woke up in the morning my services were down as it had been Disconnected I called which I was told that I needed to call again at another time as the system was not working again I called a hour later when I was told that there's nothing that can be done which I spoke to Whitney whom did nothing to help the matter and did not care about anything as it is not affecting her, I ran out out airtime then which I spoke to sesetho in the port Elizabeth office whom told me again that I was given in correct information and there's nothing that can be done I must just pay the full amount for the dish as the agent that made the mistake of actioning the wrong down grade schedule did not do his job correctly and I can only downgrade again at the end of the month I advised that I could not afford it as I already made payment for the r105 package which she said that money was used towards the compact package which I advised that it was suppose to be for the 105 package and she said well the money was deducted and I need to pay the full amount if I want to be reconnected which I asked to speak to a manager which she placed me on hold and kept refreshing the hold which I ran once again out of airtime I've used over R100 airtime and my issue is still not resolved I'm really disappointed in multi choice as a whole very very very upset!!!

Oct 03, 2019

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