MultiChoice Africa / DSTVbilling

This year ive applied for price lock option for 499 a month which has been debiting fine until Sept. 28/9 Aug my services were disconnected due to unpaid however i pay via debit order and it had not debited yet. I then enquired and was told it was an error which will be rectified immediately. 1 Sep a debit order for r705 went off instead of r499 and when i enquired i was told a reversal will be done within 24 hours. It has been months now and im still not getting any resolution. I email and no response, i call and get told 48 hrs response or price lock dept is uncontactable or they just cut my call. All in all the list of excuses I get is endless. Till date i have not gotten any assistance whatsoeva. So my 2nd last resort is to lodge yet another complaint with the hope of getting feedback.

Oct 11, 2019

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