MultiChoice Africa / DSTVAppalling Service From DSTV since 19 Aug 2019 to Date

Good Day,

I have been experiencing issues with DSTV since the 19th Aug 2019. First i had an outstanding amount of money due to Multichoice, i was advised to pay R700 for my service to be connected again which i did and still it wasn't. I then called in and was advised to pay R100 for my service to be reconnected which i did and then nothing was done until i called in again. I was then advised to make the following payments as per below which i did (see attached image)

After making all these payments i was still experiencing and E102-29 error that not a single person could assist with as they advised that i need to pay R128 because the previous agent i spoke to didn't activate my PVR Service (which was utter rubbish because i was using my PVR Functionality). Today i spoke to Thobisile Nyawo at 13:13pm until 14:08pm and after she "cleared" the E102-29 error i got an E48-32 error.

I am so tired of having to call DSTV every other day with errors I'm experiencing, having my issues escalated and absolutely NOTHING is being done about this no matter how many times I escalate an issue. When you ask to speak to a Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager they are always in meeting and one cant be assisted.

I am honestly thinking very strongly of cancelling the poor service as this is totally unacceptable and unprofessional.


MultiChoice Africa / DSTV

Oct 09, 2019

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