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I don't even know where to start.

I would like to enquire about my account, I have been paying my account well and to my surprise last month my account was debited with R1450.00 I went to the branch in Centurion and I was advised that Price lock migrated and due to that accounts were messed up, they could not assist me but instead referred my matter to price lock, I was then refunded an amount of R430.00 and the amount of R1450.00 was reversed in the same month.

to my surprise two days later my amount due has escalated to R1 980.00, I have been calling for the longest time to try and resolve this matter without success, I even wrote a complaint on Hello peter but clearly they are not phased.

this week Monday, my account said I owe R450.00 and I have been monitoring the account while calling the contact centre to sought assistance, cases have been opened to resolve this but no one is coming back to me.

This morning now, my account says I owe R2400.00, what is surprising is that the amounts escalate everytime, I have no clarity of what is happening and worse, I have never missed a payment since a debit order was instituted for my account.

I need Help:-(


Oct 03, 2019

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