MultiChoice Africa / DSTVwrong billing - stealing my money

B Oct 04, 2019

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Good day

I am mad as can be. I want answers today with regards to my debit order value on my contract, that changed without my permission!

On 4 Sep a Debit order was taken for R950.10. Nobody at Customer service could explain why this amount has gone off, it was escalated 4 times and up to today, nobody has advise ANYTHING.
I received an sms today saying that my Debit order on 4 Oct is going to be R1074.10!! WHY!!!

Please advise what is going on with my account immediately or I will go public with this nonsence!

I am currently holding on a call that has lasted 35 minutes, but still no answers. I have now been told that a manager by the name of Firaaz Mahommed is escalating the query again.

I need answers, please. Why was Sept debit order R950310 and Oct R1074.10?

I am on a pricelock premium, taken out on Black Friday 2018. My monthly payment is supposed to be R749, which includes Dstv Premium and Access fees plus monthly Dstv Explora and Wifi Connector.

The only added fees should be Box office rentals of which there was one rental on 1 Oct

I need a breakdown of the 2 debit order values please.


I received an email from DSTV Call centre with note that I will be contacted within 8 hours. Needless to say it has now been 48 hours, still no feedback

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