MultiChoice Africa / DSTVsexual activity on cartoon network

M Review updated:

I have received the attached picture of the cartoons"teen titans go" from my sister, apparently a lady saw this in the morning from the tv. This is inappropriate for our kids please make sure this is banned please. Please get back to me with the solution for this. I am so heartbroken. We can understand whena teacher teaches them in life skills class but it is so not on for the kids to see this actions. This is explicit sex

sexual activity on cartoon network


  • Ja
    Jacinta Johnson Aug 21, 2017

    Please can the Teen titans be removed there is explicit proof of what's been aired. I have a problem with it as my 8 year old loves the show. This kind of cartoons cannot be aired...I am paying to watch

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  • Tr
    Travis Morgan May 14, 2018

    You do know this is fake right? Oh yeah you dont bother doing research

    13 Votes
  • Zf
    ZFoxXx Sep 08, 2018

    Jesus Christ, they're click bait thumbnails not the real thing. It's people's own choice to make any kind of art of any cartoon.

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