MultiChoice Africa / DSTVrefund

T Sep 26, 2019

Dear Sirs

I paid in the amount of R859.00, being the amount due to reconnect my service on 21 September 2019. I called DSTV on Sunday at 2:20pm to enquire why my service had not been reconnected as I received an error message when I attempted to access DSTV. I was informed by the call centre agent that he had cleared the error and that I was required to turn off my decoder, remove the HMI cable, smart card and reinsert the it, whereafter I was to turn my decoder on in 10 minutes. I asked the consultant whether there were any issues with payment as I had made payment the day before. He informed me that there was no payment due and that the payment I had made the day before was reflecting.

After turning the decoder on, as instructed, the error had not been corrected. I called an agent half an hour later only to be informed that I needed to be an amount of roughly R359.00. I informed her what the agent had told me regarding the payment reflecting but she insisted cheekily that payment had to be made. I spoke to her team leader who undertook to hear the recording of my discussion with the agent who told me that payment was reflecting. I spent 30 minutes holding for him whereafter the agent, not the team leader told me that the team leader still had to listen to the recording. I hung up.

I request that I be refunded the amount of R859.00 IMMEDIATELY. I do not wish to speak to any of your agents or team leaders. Your employees services are a poor reflection of DSTV in its entirety. Please confirm receipt of my message and advise by what date I may expect to receive the refund. Please contact me per return emai. DO NOT attempt to contact me on my mobile or via any other means in an attempt to convince me to remain a customer of DSTV. The manner in which your customers are treated (this has not been the first time) is a clear indication as to why DSTV has lost the majority of its customer support. I await your most urgent response.

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