MultiChoice Africa / DSTVreconnect service, advised by consultant to pay r954.00 and will be done. you keep suspending my service.

H Aug 16, 2018

On 6th August I called your call centre to enquire on re connecting my DSTV service so as to re establish my subscription to DSTV. I was told the it would cost R954.09 to reconnect until the 30th August then the next installment would be due. I paid the said amount of R 954.09 at Pick and Pay. It was reconnected, but has been suspended frequently since then. When contacting the call centre they said that I owe an additional amount due to the service being extended beyound the subscribed amount I could not affort your subscriptions at the time. I was not able to continue beyond the term paid for. The services should have been terminated on the last day of subscription, like normal business practice.
If I was owing any additional amount, then the consultant should have advised me correctly. I would then have reassed my options.

I have paid what was to be reconnected, according to your consultant - R954.09, and have been continuously suspended over numerous days and then reconnected for a short period. I paid R954.09 on the 07/08/2018 at Pick and Pay. I have had interrupted service from you for 8 days and am still not able to view any of your DSTV channels. I spoke to your consultant on the number [protected] at 12:12 for 10`07 minutes on the 10/08/201. You owe me my money back and I will no longer subscribe to your services. Please advise when you will refund me my money. My banks account details are:
ABSA, Account No: [protected], Acc holder : H. R. Bell, ID [protected].

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