MultiChoice Africa / DSTVprice lock

N Oct 07, 2019

The past weeks have been terrible as my DStv subscription was constantly disturbed, my services kept on being suspended because I am allegedly on arrears. I am totally not pleased with the latest chain of events as I pay my account religiously so every single month. I have been calling and asking the matter to be escalated but to surprise I don't get any response from you guys instead my account just keeps on being suspended, right now my PVR features are have been disconnected and I'm not even supposed to pay those since I am on price lock. My patience is running low because I have to keep on calling every week and I use money for those calls. I do not know where the problem is but I ask that this matter be attended to effectively and fast too. These acclaimed arrears are also affect my credit worthiness even more, I cannot afford to be inconvenienced any further.
I humbly request that my matter be attended to and resolved.

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