MultiChoice Africa / DSTVpayments not received, disconecting of service.


My problem started by purchasing my explore.
The exosphere were purchased in the month of August 2017.
August 17 the service were disconnected 3x.I Went to the Linwood branch.After many explanations multichoice claimed that there were payments short.I Have submitted bank statements(by the way it cost me money to request.)and my services were reinstated.The very next month the same old [censor].Again statements were submitted.Twice my viewing were suspended..Then I got gatvol and went to Randburg branch.After I was treated like an your dstv and it wount be suspended attitude.After an moerse fight my service were re-instated.

What happens on 14th of October 2017 my FFFF viewing were suspended again. Send my proof of payment to [protected] on the 12th But still my service were suspended.
This is just an sign of monopoly arrogance and don't feel a [censor] for there customers.Suppose this complaint will be ignored as well as.

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