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M Jul 27, 2019 Review updated:

I received a call on the 19th of June to inform me that my service has been suspended for two days which i was unaware of reason for me not being in town. Cant say who phoned because i was driving, he asked me if he should reconnect my line then i van pay the following day, told him to go ahead and i immediately asked my wife to make a eft . When i got home the following day my dstv was up and running for two days and then i got a sms to say they have suspended it i should pay a R496.12 to reconnect i paid in the difference 26th of July and it was connected again. Saturday morning the 27th i got a sms again R536.12 to reconnect and my line have been suspended again.
I did this and nothing from their side was honored.
Infact now I'm trying to get penalty fees reversed due to service suspensions and i was advised that I NEED TO CALL IN EVERY TIME TO CHECK ON THE PROGRESS AND IF MY SERVICE IS SUSPENDED THAT I NEED TO FOLLOW UP ON THAT.
IF this continues into the month of August, you can be sure I will cancel my subscription and will tell everyone about my experience, as well as lodge an official complaint with ICSA

Ismail Jacobs



  • Mm
    Mmamoloko Cilven Molele Jul 28, 2019

    I am also overcharged but the sad thing no one is willing to help the amount keeps growing every day.

    The agent raised journal but was rejected. At first I was told there was a problem with the system.

    I am very disappointed. The sad thing is they can just disconnect you subscription just like that.

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  • Nt
    ntsako chauke Aug 03, 2019

    I was overcharged to my price lock, and I was told that if I did not pay R1800.00 they will disconnect I refused because I never skipped any payment, I was disconnected so I called and cancelled my price lock contract but the amount still growing now I am told that I owe R2600. I have lodged a complain with multichoice two months back regarding this I could get any joy, the irritating part is that you can not find any manager who can listen to you or deal with your problems, they always right they never listen to you facts what they see on the screen is what you going to pay or get. staff that I dealt with were extremely rude. I have asked for a statement and recordings three months back till today I never received.

    I have had two packages with them, they willing to loose them because there is no one capable enough to deal with customers' queries and complain.

    your service is disappointing

    [email protected]

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  • Wi
    Willem Oudshoorn Sep 29, 2019

    I was also overcharged, as well as my father on his account. No feedback from Dstv/Multichoice after numerous times contacting them.

    This seems to not be the first or 2nd time Dstv has done this. The concern is raised about how many people actually check their statements or debit orders? They might be overcharging all their clients and walk away with a fraudulent amount of millions.

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