MultiChoice Africa / DSTVmultichoice/dstv

S Oct 10, 2019

My cycle is the 21th of every month and I had paid you my money but now you choose to disconnect my account. Why? Because you are highly unscrupulous with highly incompetent employees who are highly trained liars. They can see what is happening in my account but they simply tell me that they offline and if you phone again the next person answering the phone will not conform that story. They see that I am not supposed to be disconnected but because your doggy system had decided what it had decided and they cannot assist me so they must keep lying to me about their system being offline.

One lady confirm that my account is not supposed to be blocked and said she will escalate the matter to her supervisor of which I doubt they is such a person in that call centre. You are doing this to me because you know very well that I don't have the financial back up to take you to Court.

Your manipulative system will win because I am the Son of the Gardner. Just open my account. That all am asking for which is so difficult because you know that a Black man does have the financial muscle to take you to Court.

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