MultiChoice Africa / DSTVincorrect billing


On the [protected]:57:14 PM I paid R400 my viewing subscription then seconds later the money I paid was instead allocated to Contract Insurance, which normally costs R20 a month, but only this time around multichoice decided they'll charge R420 only for contract insurance.

I spoke to 3 consultants who all told me that it's a 12 month payment for Insurance.

I don't need to pay insurance in advance so I requested for the amount to be allocated for my viewing subscription.

Today [protected]) this has not been done and my Subscription is suspended due to non-payment and re-connection fees will be charged as well. Multichoice please allocate the money properly.

I cannot pay any other amounts before they fix my problem.

Martin T.
Customer#: [protected]

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV

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