MultiChoice Africa / DSTVExplora/Installation

Z Aug 07, 2018

I bought an Explora plus installation for extra view at SatVision in Festival Mall on the 26th of July cash for R2050 to be installed on the 30th same month. When the guys came to install they couldn't and said that they need 2 wires to run to the main network station to my complex. I arranged with my caretaker and he showed me more than 3 apartments with Explora and they all had one cable running to the network station. The very next day I went back to shop to return everything that I bouhgt from Satvission DSTV. Simon convinced me to take back the stuff and that he will send a different installer, whom came but also failed. A third installer came and also failed but ran the wires to the main bedroom and left. On the 6th of August I called the shop and asked Simon to prepare the refund and that I will be returning the decorder the next day. Indeed today I rerurned the decorder back to the shop for the second time around. When Simon called his manager Phineas for refund approval, he blatently refused. His reasoning was that I must pay for the extra view and the call out fee which happens to be half of the amount I paid R1000. Now, I asked to speak to this manager but he refused and said that he cant speak on the phone he is driving. Its amazing how he managed to speak to Simon while driving yet he couldn't speak to me. I called him then from my phone and guess what, he was home relaxed and in the background were kids crying and people talking. I asked him to justify the payment for service I never received, he couldn't and said that he had guys come to install cables for extraview. Yes, the same extra view that is out of service I am supposedly paying for. Is the explora installed, a very BIG NO! So in essence, what services am paying for? That I was sent 3 different incompetent installers and they left an unfinished job that I should pay for their pathethic service. REALLY, multichoice this is apaulling. With Netflix I don't have to go though all of this frustration. All I want is my money before this is blown out of propotion.

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