MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv accounts complaint

H Oct 03, 2019

DSTV accounts query - Customer No: [protected]

I have been trying to resolve my billing query with DSTV without any success.

I was promised that my query would have been answered within 24-48 hours but still now luck.

I have try to phone various time back to the call centre, but they just put the phone down on me..., ..

As seen from the attached statement, I am not in arrears on (>90, 90, 60, 30 days). In all the statement it only reflect an amount in "Not yet due"

However if I look at the dashboard on DSTV self service, last month I own over R1000. I paid my normal R360 on the 1 October and today it only reflect R308.33??

Today my service has been disconnected, and all that the call centre is telling me, , is that I must wait for finance to answer me back, as it is a different department and there is nothing they (call centre) can do to assist...

This does not make sens at all...My service gets disconnected due to billing DSTV inabilto to provide me with an accurate account???

Please can someone assist ASAP

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV

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