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1. I upgraded my DSTV package on the 20th of September 2019 on the self service page and was quoted R902
2. I immediately paid R950 on the 20th of September 2019
3. I later called the call centre to enquire as to when the package will be upgraded and was told that the self service does not work and that they will upgrade it telephonically for me.
4. I informed the person that I already paid R950 although I was quoted R902 and she confirmed that the amount is R902 and that I must email proof of payment to [email protected] which I immediately did.
5. She activated the premium package and all was good until I received an sms on 27 September to say that my DSTV was cut off due to non-payment despite my payment and correspondence above.
6. Payment of R950 was made on 20 September and emailed to [email protected] as well as followed up with 2 phone calls and was given these email addresses to send proof of payment to [email protected] and [email protected]
7. When I called I was told that I still owe R56 but could not be given a reason as to why only that the SYSTEM says so. Nevertheless I paid the R56 on the 27th of September and AGAIN sent proof of payment as well as the R950 proof of payment made on 20 September AGAIN to the above addresses including [email protected] this time
8. Shortly after my email was sent with the proof of payment of R56, I received a call from help desk to inform me that they have received my payment and can see that I paid it ono the 20th of September and that they will not charge me a re-connection fee as they can clearly see the payment was received but not allocated to my account.
9. When I arrived home on the 27th of September I found my DSTV still disconnected.
10. I then called DSTV AGAIN on 012 422 2222 and this time I was told by a manager who eventually attempted to assist me that I now have to pay a further R72.
11. AGAIN no explanation could be given to me as to why I now owe a further R73 - NEVERTHELESS I AGAIN paid in R73 and AGAIN emailed it to all of the above email address.
12. I was told by the operator that they are not able to receive my proof of payment as it takes a while to come through.
13. The manager I spoke to promised to send me an email with a breakdown of all these amounts I have been paying over the last week. She however told me that my call and the email is not a priority to her and that she will send it when she is able to IF she is not called to a meeting. I NEVER received that email till today!
14. I now attach a statement downloaded from your site and wish for you to explain each item in detail and also why a connection fee was charged when clearly DSTV is at fault.
15. I further wish for you to explain to me why my current amount due on 30 October 2019 is R845.61 when the monthly Premium subscription is only R809
16. I spent 104.27 minutes in total on phone calls to DSTV

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