MultiChoice Africa / DSTVcomplaint about a supervisor cyril fourpoint from one of the call centre

B Sep 29, 2019

I called a call centre on the 24th September for an upgrade since we wanted to watch rugby and I was told that the request will be escalated to the relevant dept. In the process my extra view was also disconnected. I was told to await a call in the next 24 hrs . I have been waiting for the call since the 24th September and today it is the 29th Sept.
I decided to call the call centre to enquire about my service and the agent was telling me about escalating my request again hence I asked to speak to the supervisor. I was then connected to the arrogant Cyril Fourpuin. He was not prepared to listen to the problem instead rushed to say he will sort the problem and call back at 20:00. The time was 18:00 then. It is now 21:00 and he has not called and I have decided to call the call centre to enquire about his failure to honour his promise to call back. I was told that he has gone to eat, he will call me back when he returns after 30 minutes . It is now 21: 45 and he has not called and u have not had a dstv services since the 24th September which I will be billed for. This is not the service I signed up for.

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