MTNretention's department delaying cancellation of contract.


Good day,

I need help with getting a letter from mtn with a letter head stating my early termination fees. They sent me a letter with all the amounts I need to pay but it has no letter head. The reason why I require the letter head is because i'm moving to cell c and they require it in order to buy out my contract from mtn. Mtn is doing everything in their power to delay this process in order to keep me in their network. I've been sending emails everyday as this is the only way to get hold of their cancellations/retention's department. The last reply I got from them was last week thursday stating that the matter has been escalated and their manager is currently busy but will get back to me. I emailed again on friday and today for a reply from their manager but seems this person is still busy. I've also been complaining to mtn customer care and all they tell me is that they will escalate the matter. I need help with getting this matter resolved.
Thank you.

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