MTAcomplaint about driver

M Nov 04, 2019

Attention Sir/Madam

On today November 4th at 8:20am, I was at the intersection of Francis Lewis and Linden waiting for light to change. MTA bus number 8045 was at the bus stop unloading and taking on customers. I pull along side waiting for light to change as before mentioned.

The light changed and your bus driver pulls out, I notice he was coming into the same lane as me, maybe he didn't look in his mirror, so I began blowing my horn aggressively. He continued not yielding the right of way, almost taking my passenger side mirror off had not I gave up and let him in. Also, my grandson was in the back in his car seat. I was shocked at this drivers actions and feel he needs more training. Also, I followed as we were both turning on to Springfield Blvd, and he run the yellow light without yielding, and and he cross and was in the intersection the light change to red. I call that running a red light! Then stop at his next bus stop on the street.

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