Mr Tirewarranty tire repair


I went into the Erdman Ave Store in Baltimore, MD on 12/26/2009 at 5:00 pm to have a tire repaired; the rep. stated that he could not fix the tire at that point because he other work that would not allow him to get to it. The store did not close until seven o’clock pm.

I called back at about 8:00 on 12/28/2009 and asked could I bring the car in to have the tie repaired; at that point I was told that there were a lot of repairs in front of me and it would be about a four wait.
When i asked about an appointment; Maurice was put on the line. He stated that tires are normally repaired in 45 min., however, there was a two hour wait at this point.

I informed Maurice that I would have to wait for the repair and asked could he give me an appointment that would allow me to time this so that I would not have to wait in the store for two hours. A very reasonable request from a service manager I would think.
His reply was in a some what arrogant manner ; we don’t give appointments at this store.

I called the Corp. Office; spoke to a rep. there and was told that Maurice would give me a call to set up an appointment. Never got that call.

If the shop mangers do not want to cooperate with customers and display an arrogant attitude when reasonable request are made, clearly they should be in a job that is more suitable to their disposition or that service should not be sold.

Buy your tires and service some were else.


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