Mr Price Sportmen's vests for exercise - maxed black


I purchased two Maxed black Vests for Men, on last week.

Sized them in Store, and they were correct size.

Came home, removed the labels, and started wearing the first Vest, but it felt very odd, and I was not able to make it fit on my body, without it pulling terribly on the one side.

I then took the garment off, and placed it out flat on the table . . .

I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED at what found . . .and the attached Pictures will clearly show this !!!

Both these garments were cut out skew, sewn up skew, to the extend whereby you can not fold it up symmetrically, it is just impossible.

The arm openings on left and right side are not the same size, nor are they symmetrical to each other, nor are they the same shape, even.

Furtheer inspection revealed that the fron and rear panels are not cut to the same patern, nor are they even cut to the same size, YET TIS GARMENT IS SEWN UP TOGETHER !!!

Where in God's earth is Supervison during production ?
Where is Management and QC during Procurement ??
Where is QC at Store level ???

This is so ridiculous, it seems that these Garments were cut and sewn by preschool children as a class act !!!


How can you possibly sell this to the public ????????

Contact me please,
Zack Engelbrecht
Mossel Bay
Western Cape
South Africa

Mr Price Sport
Mr Price Sport
Mr Price Sport
Mr Price Sport
Mr Price Sport

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