Mr. Lubeservice done which resulted into problems in transmission system instead of sorting out the employees are blaming me for whole of the incident

B Aug 04, 2018


Last month when I went to mr lube on 24 July 2018 for the service I told them to change engine oil and other things they suggested me to change transmission and coolant liquids and I agreed with them and told them whatever they feel go for that. After the service when I drove the car which is Ford Taurus 2010 didn't went 1 kilometre away and its r.p.m started increasing but speed was still very after a jerk I called them they told me to bring the car back and told we are responsible and we will send the car to our private mechanic as they had done the service.
After two days called me and said their mechanic told them they are not responsible for anything and it was earlier before coming to mr lube was there problem in transmission I told them the car was in excellent condition and there was no problems and I drove the car for 2000 kilometres after buying it from first owner and there was not a single sign of problem . Even I provided all ford services done by the first owner with no problem in transmission then they started asking about mechanical reports which as a new and first buyer didn't know was mandatory then they said we cannot do anything in this whole isuue.
All the expenses since the car transmission problem occurred toeing mechanic check up done by mr lube whole expenses of travelling by uber burdened my pocket plus earlier they were saying only solenoid slippage problem now there will be need to change the whole transmission system ghrand it was the worst experience of my since I came to Canada with Mr lube and it's officials. If they think there are earlier issues in any vehicle why they don't go for test drives. Even I don't like the way customer service and there was not a single point I was able to find of customer satisfaction.
I am writing this complaint on behalf from my friend suggestion but still I didn't feel any confident to be taken seriously as what I experienced at the ground level service.


Brahmjot Singh Brar


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