Motorolamoto e4 metropcs


Ever since I purchased this Moto e4 phone from Metro PCS 9/26, its been one nightmare. My problems include everything from major sound issues, emails coming back after i delete them, no emails coming in for 5 days, no microphone icon, (it just disapeared), no ring sound when calling people (only the first one), texts not sending out, speaker going in and out, having to reboot daily. The list goes on! This is all in a matter of one month.
I took it back after day one and they messed with it a little, gave it back to me and said nothing was wrong withit! I took it to a corperate Metro store the following week, and they said they could do a factory reset, but it may not help. They will not even let me buy another one for 3 months because this was an upgrade ( it was a major downgrade!!) so I'm just out of luck. Impossible to manage my businesses, especially my online one.
I did not get any warranty on it so I know I probably wont get anywhere . Ive already complained once, and I got a response that was worthless. They addressed one small issue (regarding emails) out of the many I talked about, and their solution, which I tried, has now made my emails not come in at all.
I have never written a complaint in my life (except last week ), but I am so disgusted with Motorola and Metro Pcs, I am switching to another carrier Monday which is the only way I can get a new phone and keep my business phone number. Unbelievable.
I know nothing will come of this, so I wont bother with a desired resolution. That would just be a miracle as I'm sure your bombed with complaints, and I'm just a number, but thanks for listening.

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