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This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for! My manager left and I was only a part time sales associate at the time and they asked if I could handle working as "Active Store Manager." I took the job and worked literally from the bottom and made the stores numbers go up not only store wise but in Parents magazines percentage wise As well. We went from being at 16% before I started to being at 54% in just 2 weeks! I got the store nice and organized and of course the district manager wasn't any help. Never answered his phone, always kept bringing in different store managers from other cities to help me and only came down once while I was working as store manager! Everyone was telling me multiple things and I didn't know who to listen to. I was working as an "Active store manager" for 4 months and was being told they would move my pay date up and then I get a call from my district manager on a Sunday afternoon and he's telling me they decided to go a different route on a store manager and that him, the "new store manager" and another store manager from a different store would a be coming in the next day which was a monday and I was shocked! I was really upset because 1.)he didn't tell me anything until the day before 2.)everything was already in place and I was told about it just the day before 3.)those hours I did got completely cut and then he had the nerve to ignore all my calls and texts when I confronted him about it!!! Then the other store manager from another store "told" me to train the new manager.. They did me so wrong and I really them to pay for their actions. HR has been notified and I hope they all get what they deserve ! District 84!

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