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Cocoa Beach March 31-April 2, 1918
My friend and I stayed in Room 162 for two nights. Registering was disturbing because after waiting in line, I was told that I needed the license of my roommate. That meant I had to go find my friend and then get in back of the line. There was no sign indicating that identification was necessary for all guests. That's an easy fix.
The room was unappealing due to the sparse furniture and extras. There was no coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave. In order to get extra shampoo or extra towels, it was necessary to walk to the office. The receptionist seemed to be indifferent to my comfort.
There were spots, probably from nail polish, on the floor. It was clear that the room had not been cleaned the first day. The floors definitely not been swept. Other than the refreshed towels, it was obvious that nothing else had been done.

I would like to receive a refund of $214.00 for our unpleasant stay. This room was reserved through Expedia.


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    Omeomya Aug 14, 2018

    It was a Motel 6 not the Ritz. They keep their prices down because they are fairly no frills and "sparse" as you say. There is nothing in their description indicating that they do provide any of the items you listed. (Coffee maker, fridge) So I don't understand why you are complaining about something that was never included to begin with.

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