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My experience with this motel absolutely shocked me and has changed my view of Motel 6 totally & probably forever. It happened when I stayed there on December 24, 2021 in Big Bear Lake, California. Admittedly a busy time of the year and a ski resort with many roads closed because of snow, but not an excuse for what they did. All motels in town that were reasonably priced ($60 to $150) were full. Only really nice ones that wanted $500+/night had any rooms, so I was surprised this place had any rooms at all, put I soon realized why.

Imagine my shock when I was charged over $400/night. You must be kidding! $400+ for a Motel 6? A total OUTRAGEOUS RIP-OFF! So why did I pay it? Because in this instance I had to, because by that time everyone was full except them, many of the roads were closed and I wasn’t sure I could make it to the next town.

I have almost never paid that much for a hotel room, but when I did, it was pretty damn nice, and I don’t think I have ever paid more than $100 or so for a Motel 6. To top it off, they were an older property and NOT in good repair. I noticed and was not surprised when I saw possibly more than half of their rooms vacant that night. Of course, they were, probably because many people said “No Way”, and just took their chances to leave town. I wish I would have had that option. Had they been more reasonably priced, I have no doubt they would have been almost full and probably made more money also.

There is no doubt in my mind that they GOUGED me, along with everyone else who stayed with them that night, and I will never forget that they were even WILLING to do that. I don’t want to hear anything like “What-ever the market will bear”, because that has its limits, and it is an UNCONSCIONABLE way to do business. You offer a reasonable product at a reasonable price and a reasonable profit, and it should end there. Anything more than that is gouging, plain & simply. Taking advantage of high demand in order to charge a ridicules price for maybe even a bad product. defines and describes Price Gouging as ………… “It is this taking advantage of a bad situation, raising prices for much-needed supplies or services to an unfair, or even unethical level, that is considered price gouging….…PRICE GOUGING IS AGAINST THE LAW, though the laws vary by state”.

No doubt in my mind that this is exactly what they did, and didn’t even feel bad about it because the annoyance and my anger did not end there. There were also no amenities in the room (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, plastic cups, Kleenex, water, coffee or tea, etc.), as well as just one small bar of soap for a room designed for up to 4 people. I went down to the front desk, asked for at least 1 more soap, which she gave me, and then complained that they couldn’t even but a bottle of drinking water in the room. I was floored and pissed with her response. She had the audacity to say, “We don’t normally provide things like that so that it helps us keep our prices low”. WHAT... REALLY? I had to bite my tongue to keep from jumping down her throat at such a lame excuse as that, and I felt insulted that she figured I might actually be stupid or naïve enough to believe and accept that explanation. She compounded her BS by telling me that was their normal prices, which was of course a bold-face lie. So, as well as being crooks, she was a lying sack of [email protected]$#$.

For many years I frequented Motel 6 and was reasonably happy with the company. I looked for the newer motels, if possible, which are a better value for what you get, because many older ones are not kept up and can be pretty bad. I have even defended the company from nasty remarks by many people of how bad they are by sharing experiences probably with those older properties, describing them as filthy, rude, ugly and even coining pet names for them, such as “Roach Motel”. I told them to try the newer and better maintained ones if possible before judging them. NO MORE!

I will now look for another motel chain to patronize and I will no longer recommend or defend Motel 6 to anyone and will tell everyone I can about their gouging practices. If I don't get a rebate, they will never see me again.

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