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1990 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT, 84116, US
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3:14 pm EST

Motel 6 - Unethical behaviour staff committing criminal acts

I have been staying at this motel 6 since aug 2021 til current. Someone has been coming into my room while I am not there. Ive had properity come up missing from my room. You know that they have hidden camaras in the rooms or put them in certain peoples rooms. Wen you can hear them talking about wat you are doing in your room. The staff do and say stuff about the people they dont want to be in their motel. To get them kicked out. They allow certain people to sell drugs out of their rooms. But at the same time they turn in certain people just for doing drugs. They do drugs wit the guest that they are allowing to sell drugs. The staff sit and talk bad about the ones they do not like to each other in front of their room doors. The rooms aint clean. They have camaras up. But still ive had someone trying to come into my room while im in there. The keys do not deactivate if you need to get a new key. Staff are very iggerent not friendly at all. Ive had my toilet flud nurerious times. At times you will see a camara flash. Like they are taking pictures inside of your room. Ive had someone get into my laptop and try and make some changes. "ie" delete recording & videos that were taken in my room while I was gone & no one should have been in there. It is very unnerving thinking about the staff watching you and talking about you wen your in the bathroom, changing your cloths, sleeping, and not there. I feel really unsfe and very violated by the staff here. They have no buisness being in buisness. They are peeping toms. That are watching certain ones of us due to their sexual tendencies. And wats next from them sexual asults due to their perverted minded nature. These kind of privacy violations need to be adressed and stopped. Will send files onces extracted

Desired outcome: they need to be sighted and charged for their crimmal acts they are doing against their guest

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Raul Frias Estrada
San Jose, US
Oct 05, 2023 11:07 pm EDT
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I’m going through the same situation, been monitor more like been stalked by a friend of relative of the maintenance guy , he give me advice that I shouldn’t talk to some girls , since they are married , first of all, first time staying at this motel, did not talk to anyone just front desk!

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