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B Nov 13, 2018
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Hello, my name is berna Smith. I had basically been living at motel 6 in Chino, ca location due to my living situation had changed. I would check out in the morning before work and come in for my reservation after work. You can see in your history I've spent about 2000 a month there. One night I came in and my reservation had been cancelled before 6pm I asked why new guy at desk couldn't give me a clear answer my price had gone up 15 dollars due to my reservation being cancelled. I asked is there a manager k can speak to or do I call corporate to help fix issue. I paid difference that day. The following day I go in early way before reservation s are cancelled and I was on the do not rent list. So the reason I got put on this list was because I said I wanted to call corporate to help. They said they couldn't take me off list that it was done approved by manager marisela from there Chino location. How is this fair if someone wants the complain they just put them on the no rent list. So they can say and do what they want and if cst wants to complain they'll just put them on the no rent list. That doesn't seem right and makes there cst service bad I've never had anything negative to say but to prevent any complaints they put u on the do not rent list. I spent lots of money with you guys and this wrong needs to be right that day I had no reservation elsewhere and since it was last minute I ended up somewhere really far from work and costed me time and money not to mention being talk to that way and being put on the no rent list like I had done something wrong. Thank u for your time,
Berna Smith

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