Motel 6lack of amenities


I am currently at a Motel 6 in Danvers, Massachusetts and I am very displeased with my room. First I am spending $150 a night and the condition of my room is poor. Stained sheets, dirty floor, no shampoo in shower. Every hotel I have EVER stayed at has that complimentary. Now I have to go out and buy it at a store. They should tell you this when you book that their too cheap to offer this. Also, no free Wifi?????? Are you kidding me!!! For $150 I expect free WiFi at the least. For what I've experienced so far, I'm not looking forward to the free coffee in the morning. You guys probably save what didn't get served today for tomorrow. I will NEVER stay in another Motel 6 or subsidiary ever again!!! I will also post my experience on Facebook for all to read.

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