Mor Furniturecheap price absolutely not worth the hassle!

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I couldn't resist the great financing and semi-quality couches when I walked into Mor furniture two months ago. I ended up purchasing a sectional couch that I was told would be delivered 15 days later. Since then my delivery date has been rescheduled 6 times. In addition, they bring part of the sectional so about every month I get one part of the couch. On top of it all I don't receive a phone call to tell me that my couch isn't being delivered. I have to call them. When I reach a sales person they are extremely rude, and act like I’m inconveniencing them. I have had friends that told me horror stories as well about them (things not being delivered for 6 months after the promised date!). Although the price is cheap its absolutely not worth the hassle. I would will never use Mor furniture again, and I highly advise against purchasing from Mor.

Mor furniture, Kent Washington.


  • Mi
    Military1994 Oct 27, 2019

    Bought electric chair today,
    got it home, plug in and not working

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  • Sa
    Saleena Horton Jan 26, 2016
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    We had bought our furniture a few weeks before we bought our house so that it would be delivered by the time we moved in. I called customer service the day before delivery just to make sure. They told me we weren't even suppose to receive it for another week, that someone changed the date. Sooo I got to the bottom of who did it & sure enough it was them (customer service) We ended up getting our sectional three weeks after that. So an entire month of lawn chairs for furniture lol. We paid 2grand btw. We never received our console, they've just been giving us the run around. It's been 3 months mind you since we actually received the sectional. The "customer service" is a joke. Their rude, don't know what their doing, clearly since they say one minute our console is in Portland & the next it's at the warehouse. The warehouse is the same. They told me today they didn't have one in stock, but yet we're suppose to be picking it up there today according to customer service. The funny thing is, another customer service rep tried to tell me you can't get it from warehouse, it has to be delivered lol yet my husband picked up that last set not that long ago from the warehouse! When I tried calling customer service back, two times, both people told me I wasn't allowed to talk to warehouse that they were positive it was there. Guess we'll drive 1/2 an hr to c if it's actually there, if not, I'm definitely writing a review on BBB site.

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  • Be
    beasmartperson Oct 19, 2010

    Everyone! You need to practice a buyer beware attutude! If you want superb quality furniture go to Ethan Allen, hell...even Ikea is better! Because Mor has contracted drivers they could care less about how well they're assembling your furniture. The salespeople will lie to your face to make their money. *** I f you do decide to purchase from Mor, get something that is in stock, and pick it up if you can. Always pre-inspect!!! Even during delivery, and even if its 12am!!! Buyer beware! And also don't abuse your furniture. I hear complaints all the time of sofas, ottomans, bed frames breaking, I have a bed frame from Mor that my daughter occasionaly jumps on (even though I tell her not to) but the slats are still fine, my sofa is from Mor and outside of the usual wear and tear it it fine. What the hell do you people do to your furniture??? Basically, know what you're getting into. If you go to place with such cheap prices and 'too good to be true' financing options, it probably is. Don't get caught up in the salesperson's pitch, stick to your guns and know what you want. Also people... Read the fine print of the warranty BEFORE THE FURNITURE IS DELIVERED!!! I can't stress that enough. That will tell you everything you are getting into. Don't be an idiot. And be nice to the customer service people who answer your calls. They know the quality of the furniture is [censor], but they need a job too, and a lot if them genuinely want to help. And please remember they have to adhere to their company policies, and they can't give you everything you want!!! So cut them a break!!! I said good day!

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  • Jn
    Jnnelson503 May 18, 2010

    I ordered my couch the first weekend of April. I don't have a couch right now, which the sales guy knew, because I had just moved. I was suppose to receive my couch in 3 days, just got a call they think they should have my couch in 5 weeks..key word "think". And of course like the person above me said, it will take 15 business days before they refund my money! They won't give you a confirmation of your cancelation. I would not recomment them if you actually want to use your furniture.

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  • Do
    docrecruiter33 May 18, 2010

    I will never buy anything from this company again and I will be sure to spread the word. I can't believe they are still in business. The sales guy Sang, sold me the wrong couch, I swear he is on drugs. I caught the mistake right away but they already ran my debit card. He immediately returned the purchase but said it would take up to 15 days to get the funds back to my account. How is it that they can take 1100 dollars in two seconds but it takes them 15 days to return the funds. They are the shadiest in the business, that is saying a lot since most low level furniture companies like Mor are shady. DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MOR FURNITURE!!! THEY ARE EXTREMLY [censor] COMPANY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE DOESNT EXIST THERE! BUT THEY WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM STEALING FROM YOU.

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  • Ja
    Jan001 Jan 04, 2010

    I bought furniture from Mor 3 months ago. When they delivered to my home they
    damaged my front door and banisters. I have been fight with them to fix the damage to my house. The first time and wanted to take off my front door and fix it at the truck. My roommate asked why would they have to take it off. Their responds was, were going to bondo it, Hell no! You damaged a new door, you'll give me a new door. The next visit they offered me 300.00...ummmmmmmmmmmm NOOOOOOOOOOO the door alone cost 700.00. The last time they were here they said; we know christmas is coming and everyone could use some extra money...That just make me angry, how totally rude. I don't want something other then they fix the damage. Corporate office is a JOKE and the customer service sucks. I agee with all of you; NEVER buy from from Mor Furniture. It's really not worth the disrespect and is a total nightmare. I have been on the phone with consumer protection services and will be filing a lawsuit to get this damage repaired. I have had enough. They have jacked around so much by their service department that I'm going to hire someone to do this job so I know they will get it done and it will be right!

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  • He
    heather doucette Mar 12, 2009

    I strongly Agree...Im young, 23 to be exact and i saved money to move into my new apartment...along with saving money to pay for my furniture in cash, i didn't want to get sucked into the financing ordeal! So anyways, i bought my furniture on 2/15/2009 and yes it was a cheap couch! lol. It was on "sale" for 299 for a sofa and it was originally 599...So i was so excited! I really thought i got a deal! So I stopped into Mor furniture for less several times and looked around for cheaper prices and i couldn't find any cheaper! So it looked like they were a good company...not pushy at all. Usually when i go in there I deal with this really nice lady, she was blonde...thats all i rememeber about her...i talked to her several times...but the very last time I came into the furniture store, when i was ready to actually seal the deal and buy the couch she was busy financing another couple, so this girl Michelle was the one that was going to handle my purchase...For one she was sooo rude, then she wanted me to finance and i said no...what for and then she wanted me to purchase something more...i simply told her i was paying cash and the couch i picked was within my budget! Im Poor, lol! They think everyones made of money! so I bought it...she told me it would be ready in a 3-4 business days... i told her i was not moving into my apartment until 3/01/2009 which would be a 2 weeks from the purchase date could i pick it up then...she said yes it would be ready! well i call 2 weeks later and its not ready, something happened...they said the truck would be in a week from the time i called...Im like okay well she told me it would only be 3-4 business days from the time i ordered it, they said ( the warehouse) well it says on your order invoice to allow up to 3 weeks, well on my copy it doesnt say anything, its left blank...Shady, so I call Michelle and she says well it will take about another two weeks, and im like well the warehouse dept said a week...she said "nope" and im like so you expect me to sit on my living room floor and watch tv and she laughed and said well its not that bad... she said let me call you back...ive called for a week straight and she ignored my calls, then finally I decided to call one day on 3/10 and it was calls telling me it was in, almost a month! They are ###! They are rude and they could care less as long as they sold could wait a year for all they care! Well everyone have a great day, im sure you got confussed with my imagine how i felt... :(

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  • Jo
    Jodi Frei Jun 09, 2008
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    I totally agree with all these complaints. I just wish I would have looked into the complaints/comments before purchasing. We got the run around about furniture not being in stock and then once we did finally find the furniture we wanted the ONLY end tables we wanted just happened to be the only ones that were ONLY sold in a SET .. not individually. Then after completing the paperwork we were told to stay by the phone because the delivery would be the next day .. that didn't happen ... we ended up taking off TWO extra days from work to be home for the deliveries ... because HALF of the furniture was delivered and then the rest about 3 weeks later.

    We never received the first bill and when we called about it we were told that the statements went out late ... this was UNTRUE! When we finally received the statement it had our last Name spelled incorrectly and OUR ADDRESS incorrect! That same day we received the bill we got 4 phone calls from collectors wanting to know where their money was! You can understand how upset we were .. and these financial institutions agreed with us ... but the late charge was NOT removed!

    I work in a very large company and I've been trying to spread the word about this company before it has to happen to anyone else!!!

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  • Ba
    Barry L. Gray Jan 22, 2008
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    Yes, I totally agree!

    I just made the mistake of purchasing a couch from "mor furniture for less", on 01-09-08.

    The one they delivered is junk and nowhere near the quality of the one we saw in the showroom.
    It took me the good part of an hour to get a hold of anyone, (since it is impossible to call the showroom directly).

    I just called their warranty center and supposedly they are setting up a service appointment for me.
    By the way, they have a "Non Refund" policy in the fine print that they never mentioned to my wife or myself.

    I am really pissed and out $836.20.

    Take my advice, never do business with them. They more crooked that a barrel of shakes.

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  • Ca
    CATHY AQUINO Oct 19, 2007
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    I totally agree 100% . That idiot Terry they made the manager at the Mor Furniture in Kent must have been a HS drop out. She was so unprofessional. They gave us damaged goods and specifically told us "ALL PRODUCTS COME DAMAGED TO THEM AND IT HAS TO BE REPAIRED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER"... DO NOT BUY FROM MORE. I have reported them to the better BBB. I've turned the story over to Komo for news. I will do everything I can to get the word out, that MOR FURNITURE is a dishonest company.

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  • Jb
    J Bruner Aug 29, 2007
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    Worst retail experience of my life.

    Round 1: In March 2007 two hillbillies delivered a dirty couch and couldn't fit it in our door (they didn't even measure first). On top of that, they were swearing and demanding our help in carrying it...remind me why I paid $80 for delivery??

    Round 2: We went and picked out a different couch that they were sure would fit. We paid with our check card and they wouldn't let us have store credit toward the new couch (are they crazy?) Instead they had to issue a refund which we were promised would be back in our bank account within 3-5 business days (if they tell you it takes longer, they are lying... I got to the bottom of it when I got in touch with their accounting department). They forgot to put in the request, so I had to spend hours on the phone explaining what had happened to ensure we got our refund. On top of that, they were extremely rude and inconsiderate.

    Round 3: They attempted to deliver our new couch in April 2007. Not only did they forget to measure before haling it up 4 flights of stairs, but after it didn't fit they caused $900 worth of damage to the walls in the stairwell of the condo building and we had to pay for it! When confronting them about the damage (we took pictures and had a copy of the invoice), they transferred us around to different people and refused to deal with the situation.

    Now: We are taking them to small claims since they refused to pay for the damages they caused. Not only do we have no couch, we are out almost $1000 because of them.

    It's funny b/c they called themselves the "Costco" of furniture stores... if only they could treat their customers like Costco does...

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  • Je
    J Everett Jun 16, 2007
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    We ordered a couch back in feb of 07 and it is now June. It has come in 3 times damaged. It takes about 5 weeks to get another one every time you refuse a shipment. They claim it comes from China in a container.

    We requested a full refund today. We did get one only after I went to the sales location and explained to the manager that we just wanted to return the product and that she was doing a poor job. Our conversation lasted about 20mins.

    She responded that she would issue a credit because I was giving her a migraine and I would become someone else's problem.

    They are more than happy to take your money, but when it comes to Customer Service they slept through that course.

    Do not Buy In Tempe, AZ!!!

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  • Se
    Serena Nov 16, 2006
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    I bought a mattress on 07/05/2006, the Mor Furniture sales person made the order for the wrong one.

    On 7/16/2006 I went to the Mor Furniture store and they order, not the one that I wanted because it would have taken 6 to 8 weeks to receive it, another mattress which price was lower.

    On 7/26/2006 the new mattress was delivered and the wrong picked up.

    The credit card statement arrived and I was charged for the wrong mattress (therefore a higher amount). I put on dispute the amount, send a letter on 8/28/2006, and went back to the store to talk to the manager.

    After a few weeks since Mor Furniture manager never contacted me, I went back and he told me that they never issued the credit memo for the old mattress and charged for the new one.

    Now on 10/20/2006 I contacted again the credit card company and I was told that the dispute was released because the extra charge was for non-refundable delivery charge which I was never told there was one.

    I'm pretty disgusted by the way this company treats their customers as stupid.

    Serena - San Diego

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