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I received a call from Monster Reservation group on 12/28/19 nomarly I just reject their calls but l been wanting to give my family some amazing memories. I decided to listen to what they had to offer . If it sounds to good to be true thats because it was i was talked into a 298.00 package more than 27 days of travel . I called 90 days in advance to book a vacation for my son and I doing spring break this April from this amazing package they assure me I had on 12/31/19. I was told I couldn't book the vacation without my husband being present. My husband and I been separated for over 10 years. I explain this to the agent Matt and asked what was my alternative because that would not be an option he stated he could place a non expiration on the package as if my husband and I could work things out right away ridiculous. I've only had package for about 3 days and he said I wouldn't be able to cancel my package or change it to a singles package because this company is geared towards timeshare sales for couples im assuming something that wasn't disclosed when they were fast talking you to sale me this package. After going back and forward with him for 45min he agree to refund half of my money then hung up on me. He didn't and now I'm stuck with a package I cant use. They brag about being back by the BBB with this 4.5 rating but all I see is the same compliants thats here. This company a scam that takes advantage of people dreams to travel but cant really afford it. They should be investigated.

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