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Money Network Financial / Complaints & Reviews

Money Network Financial / / unauthorized charges

Bertinabelcourt on Mar 14, 2019

I was finally able to log into my accounts and i have went through all my E-Mails and accounts and i noticed There are Several Charges that i have not and did not Authorize. 1 for $269.50 2 for $64.24 3 for $252.00 4 for $50.00 5 for $31.00 There are 2 charges regarding Metro PCS...

Money Network Financial / / money network financial /

Cali2thebone on Feb 23, 2019

Walmart should be ashamed of themselves for supporting and promoting this card. They offer little to no support when I got my money stolen, other than to cancel the card and wait in the mail for a form to fill out to get my money back. 30+ transactions drawing around $100 each. Data...

Money Network Financial / / customer service

Antinique Graham on Dec 22, 2018

Contacted the company once my card was stolen. Got a new card sent. They reassured me that any pending transactions will be completed. 2 hours later my amazon order was refunded . Not only did I specifically ask them in regards to that transaction but they tried to convince me that the two...

Money Network Financial / / money network

ET Hayden on Dec 21, 2018

I sent a dispute form thru email to solsparkchdispute on Dec 12, 2018. I have not heard anything from this. I was charged on Dec 1 2012 of 5 charges to money network card. The company I was charged for is GDM Packaging PVT LTD for the following amounts $73.99, $71.73, $75.50. The 2 other...

Money Network Financial / / not closing out a reported stolen debit card account/ fraudulent use of second debit card

BigD64 on Nov 8, 2018

I am a United States Veteran and Senior Citizen writing you concerning a matter that happened in October 2018 regarding my payroll account. I worked for Elite Staffing during the month of October I received two direct deposits to my Money Network card. One direct deposit was for 329.48 and...

Money Network Financial / / charges disputed

Kimmely Houston on Oct 29, 2018

I have been trying to get this matter resolved since august. On august 23 I got ready to use my card to make a purchase and noticed I had no money in my card, but this particular day I notice I deposit $100 to this card plus money should already been on the prior too... It was a thursday...

Money Network Financial / / both atm's did not despence any money

jeffrey grecco on Oct 13, 2018

Hi I used the atm machine @ work, which Is JPMorgan chase on 9/27/2018 approx. time 11:57 pm, after the atm tried to process the transaction which was 340.00 the machine posted can't dispense money & can't accept a deposit. I called money network, they said they will send dispute form...

Money Network Financial / / adp total pay card

Amy Kukucka on Oct 7, 2018

As per policy of my my then employer, the first paycheck was to be paid on this prepaid Visa card. Because I was working on contract only when needed, I received this card with only an hour of pay on it, which after taxes was about $45. I was unable to use the initial card, despite trying...

Money Network Financial / / overall customer service

Joe28269 on Sep 18, 2018

On Friday 9/14 i found out my card was in hold i had paper work sent two to release the hold they are giving me the run around and they refuse to allow me to speak to a supervisor im requesting to speak to someone my name is Joanna my number is 3478521945 i have tried to speak to a...

Money Network Financial / / fraudulent atm withdrawals

Jaksmom on Sep 9, 2018

On September 8th 2018 I used my debit card for two transactions in Hueytown, Alabama. Within a few hours someone withdrew over $500.00 wiping out my account from a 7/11 in Maryland!! I never received any alerts that someone made 5 balance inquiries and two withdrawals over a 1, 000 mile...

Money Network Financial / / debit card

Amandaashley1000 on Sep 3, 2018

My account is not working won't let me log in and the phone just keeps hanging up on me what the fuck! It's saying my card is invalid when I call when I try to rest my password I can't log into the application on my phone but my card was working just fine before why is your company just...

Money Network Financial / / fraud charge. atm withdrawal

Swinglong on Sep 2, 2018

Hi my name is Marcus Player my card has been hacked and someone drawed money out of my account my card # is 4943404260071762 my mailing address is 147 Sloan ave e Talladega al 35160 it was taken out Sept 1 2018 for 243 dollars at a atm no one has my card its in my pocket nor did I give any...

Money Network Financial / / money network app

Marie1521 on Aug 31, 2018

Im not able to even find the app on the app store. I have even tried on multiple phones, though it works on phones that already have the app. I got a new phone and started looking for it, but I cant find it. I get an error message that says item/ product not found. It just makes it really...

Money Network Financial / / money network check service

Ashleen82 on Aug 27, 2018

On Saturday, my pay card was stolen. I reported it stolen and was issued a temporary card number and told by customer service that I could write a check to take the remaining balance out in order to have money because my new card will not arrive for 7-10 BUSINESS days. So I do exactly a...

Money Network Financial / / lock on card

Vera lloyd on Aug 21, 2018

Ok, for a whole twi week I have been calling Momey Network, because they placed a Hold on my card. STATING the Hokd was for two reload transactions I make on two particular days. I thought that's what an reloadable card is used for to load money. So I was instructed to send documentation...

Money Network Financial / / money network

Latasha12 on Jul 30, 2018

I have been a employee for Walmart for 10 years, this company money network got hacked and over 10 associates lost their money. Myself and thee rest of the associates have waited over 20 days just to get a denial letter in the mail. Now they tell me to wait over 45-90 to get my money back...

Money Network Financial / / money network card

Mollie Holland on Jul 22, 2018

My daughter Heavenly Waters started working for a fast food restaurant back in September 2017. She was given a money net work card to receive her pay checks. She save her money on the card to help with college expenses for the following year. Her card was out on hold by your company due to...

Money Network Financial / / Customer service

jassraylenex3 on Jul 16, 2018

This is honestly the worst company I have ever dealt with. My card has a hold on it & I have been calling for the past week. They keep saying to call back & see if there's any updates with their compliance department. Honestly seems like they don't do their fucking job because it should...

Money Network Financial / / my card has been put on hold

David Skiles on Jul 15, 2018

I have over $600 on my card and am unable to get it even though I faxed in a request letter and the information that was requested of me months ago. I need my money and I need it now, it is not money networks money to keep. I have read numerous complaints by others stating they were...

Money Network Financial / / hold placed on my card

jdisabato85 on Jul 14, 2018

Friday 7/13/2018 12:00am I received my paycheck on my card. I went to the store got my kids snacks and got 20 dollars cash back. All together I only spent a total of 27 dollars. Kids dad came home from work and the kids and I hopped in the car to head to one of our local pools for float...