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On the 16th of March 2020, someone logged into my "mypay" account and changed my Navy Federal direct deposit account details to a strange prepaid card account details we traced to Money Network bank in Atlanta, GA, routed through Meta Bank. As a result of this I didn't receive my end of month pay for March, 2020.
I and my 1SG took up the matter with our finance office here in Afghanistan but we we're referred to DFAS. We got in touch with DFAS and they referred us again to MyPay. When we got in touch with MyPay, they referred us to our finance office again. So we've been in this loop since the 1st of April to date.
Money Network bank is refusing to refund the amount deposited in the account, or even share details of the account and the account holder, stating that I don't have an account with them and I need to file a police report.
I've sent in the police report I got from the Military Police Office here to the email address they gave me but I still haven't heard back from Money Network up till now. So up till now I haven't seen any positive development towards getting my money back from Money Network, which is why I'm filing this complaint and kindly requesting an investigation into this case.

No one answers and I'm on hold on a average of 30- to an hour long

I have called a number of 20 times today due to my card being on hold after maternity leave and now I can't access my money at all. I work with the same company who has issued me the money network card and my card should not be on hold for any reason. This is ridiculous, no one answers and Im on hold on a average of 30- to an hour long. I have baby stuff I have to buy and can not access my money. With this whole corona situation going on this is beyond unbelievable.

Fs enquor pte Ltd I did not agree to purchase anything from them

A pending amount of $43.55 for FS enquiry pte Ltd I don't know what this even is and would like it refunded and cancelled immediately. I will put a stop to unauthorized purchases including no online buying if I must. I need this money it was an unidentified purchase. I did not agree to have this amount taken from my account

Unauthorized charges

So today March 25th 2020 I have three charges on my account one being $300 which I did not have in my account and I did not authorize I can't get ahold of anybody ever customer service I want to lock my account as quickly as possible but I can't get ahold of anybody to do so and the app and go on the website online won't let me

Non compliance

Money network has withheld my money from me since December 24 of 2019 and through numerous calls they told me I can't use my money my account had been dormant for to long and had been locked due to money being put in it and I have been calling for two months to close my account and have been told multiple times it was being sent and I have been waiting since January.

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Pay Card

I used my money network card as a debit, but there system flags it as a credit card, when booking hotel rooms for my job...This is how there able to deduct from your account for no apparent reason...Instead of using it as a debit on there end as well...Im owed money from them months ago, that they refused to refund me...for booking rooms...Why is this company still in business after all these complaints about them are over 2, 000 for people...

request for a new card

My ADP card expires on February 2020. So I called the company in January and ask if a new card will automatically be sent to me. The customer service rep told me no. So I then told her to send me a new card. Two weeks later i get a new card. I activated my new card. When I tried using my card I was told that my card was reported stolen. I never reported this card to be stolen. I called customer service and I was told they mailed a wrong card . This is so inconvenient. I have to wait another two weeks to get a new card. This is just ridiculous. I am so done with this company.


There has been no reverse charges placed on my account. 01/17/20, and 01/19/2020 in the amount of 75.00 owed back to my account. Please reverse these two days for the 75.00. On each day 75.00 should placed back on my bank card. It has already been over the stated time that the money would be placed back on my account.

From: Michele Shipp
To: Customer Service

dispute department

On September 29th 2019 upon reviewing my account activity I became aware of 2 fraudulent purchases in the amount of $436.33 that were made on 5th of August 2019.
I called customer service to report unauthorized use fraudulent purchases on my debit card.
The customer service rep canceled my account and would be mailed new card.
However I was informed nothing more can be done untill I fill out and submit Dispute Forms which would be mailed to me. The Dispute Department would then Investigate my claim and I would be notified within 14 days.

And it begins...
I received my replacement card and the Dispute Forms within a week. I filled out the forms and
I provided them with the email eBay sent me that stated the purchases made on my bank card were unauthorized and fraudulent as a result of my ebay account being hacked an AccountTakeOver.
I filed a police report
I filed an identity theft report with the FTC Federal Trade Commission
I informed them that the name used(else garcia)on the purches does not match the name on my card and what they have on file Elsa Garcia) however the billing address was.

I called customer service to confirm they receive my email and they were unable had no way to check if they had received my email.
I was told to call back in 14 days for a decision. I told them that I want to confirm they have received the Dispute Forms and documents.

I asked them to be transferred to the Dispute Department and apparently the dispute department does not take customer calls. So I requested them to contact the Dispute Department to confirm if they received my forms... whether they did or not I don't know... but was told that dispute Department had received my documents.

I initially I was told I would be notified within 14 days. 3 weeks later nothing I called again...
I was informed my claim was denied and i should be receiving a letter from the Dispute Department.
I received the denial letter that states...

Based on the results of this investigation your claim has been denied due to the merchant providing documentation showing the transaction was valid. (the only thing valid as that there was enough money in my account for the purchases)
You have the right to request copies of the documents that we relied on in making are determination. (I'VE Requested said documents 7 times and they have failed to provide them to me)
We consider this claim resolved and your case has been closed.
They didn't not take into account the documents I provided them with... unbelievable...

I filed and appeal verbally and via email and once again I'm given the runaround.
I called I don't know how many times just to confirm the status of my appeal and each and every time I was told something different. At one point I was told that there is no record of me filing a dispute there's no record of me filing an appeal...which left me speechless I said Thank you and hung up.

I called again and asked for a copies transcripts copies of their entry log with notes record the times I've called...
They were unable to generator provide me with such report so I was verbally given that information which confirmed the fact that yes I filed a claim I filed a dispute it was denied at file an appeal and it was denied.

My appeal was denied... it's been over a month and I have not received a letter from the Dispute Department.

The worst experience ever...

I'm at a stand still...time to regroup...
It's no longer about my loss of $436.33...
This isn't over...

debit card dispute

I filed an dispute back in August and havnt recieved my money back are an response. I am now been told its pass time and there is nothing they can do . I HAVE CALLED SEVERAL.TIMES REGARDING MY CASE AND ALL THEY CAN TELL ME IS WAS THE CASE WAS STILL OPEN BUT NOW ITS CLOSE AND I HAVNT HEARD FROM NO ONE. I am canceling my card and stopping direct deposit. I can't believe how u all handle this I am very disappointed..

money network debit card

My card was stolen Friday December 13th, 2019. There were charges made that I need reversed back into my account immediately. My information is as follows:
Name: Aldric Lodge
Phone #: [protected]
Address: 1721 Martin Luther King Dr.
Rocky Mount, NC 27801
Card#: [protected]
Transactions disputing: $226.80-Footlocker, $28.25-Exxon Mobile, $32.95-unknown, $15.51- Circle K.
Reason: None of these purchases were made nor were they authorized by me. I just need my money returned and the person responsible for these charges procecuted

money network debit card

Money Network Financial /

hold on card

I got my paycheck deposited onto my card like I have several times over the last few years and I go to check my balance and it sends me to customer service and they say my card has a hold and I have to verify my identity. So you mean to tell me 3 different people none of whom spoke English could tell me why but yet you want me to fax my private information to a number your giving me over the phone. But I still do this and yet I still do not have a release of my funds. I will be contacting my attorney first thing this morning considering your holding my paycheck and will not be using money Network ever again.

total pay card

My employer sent the MN the wrong Social Security Number. Apparently they have sent a copy of my SSN and Driver's License. I've been waiting for a month for this to be fixed, but I haven't been able to get access to the money, or even activate it. I've been contacting Customer Service but until they change the Social Security number there's nothing they can do... but its been a month!!!

total pay card

Money Network Financial /

holding my money and giving me excuses to not pay me I have email mt he things they asked for and they won’t remove the lock

I have been calling for days a and get the run around and won't release the lock on my pay I'm going to be evicted and possibly loose my car bc of their crap cannot even y'all with a supervisor or wont connect you to customer complaints says they don't have that option . I will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow if my pay isn't released and I get evicted and loose my car this is completely [censored] !!! It's theft of our money plan and simple :

constant verification

This is driving me nuts. Every other week, EVERY time I try to simply just open a tab and check my balance, I'm STOPPED by having to click a button to send a code to my email, to THEN paste over, THEN I can get in my account. On any given day of budgeting or purchasing, I might have to do this TWELVE TIMES. I'm SO sick of this already. I'm hating moneycard to the point I might just have funds transferred to a bank account or something. You can go a week where it doesn't do this, then it happens every time for a long time. I have long since passed my whit's end.

prepaid money network debit card

I am furious! I received a virtual prepaid Money Newtwork card only to have the company put a hold on it! They are saying that I need to prove that I am the recipient of the damned thing! I have sent them a copy of my drivers license and social security card as well as insurance cards and now they are saying I have to wait until Monday! This has been going on for weeks now and nothing is getting done! I need to find out where I need to go to file a complaint and possibly legal action against them in order to access my money! They told me that they automatically opened an account without my knowledge and because they didn't have access to my social security number they decided to put a hold on my card! This is beyond ridiculous! I am livid!

money network

Why the hell are they sending me a damn letter about my transactions and saying they're investigating?! What the [censored] did I do? I haven't made a transaction in months because I'm trying to save my money and get a damn tax refund. I've been waiting for this goddamn refund for so freakin long and nothing. What did someone hack my card or [censored]?! What the hell. And why the [censored] is this refund taking so long? They don't listen do they? Money Network is the worst [censored]ing company ever. Needs to be shut down ASAP. STOP SENDING ME LETTERS!!! Stop bothering me and do your damn job right!!! Just have me paid simple as that. Do your job!!! It's not that hard. Whatever the [censored] is wrong with them is [censored]ed up and needs to be fixed. This is [censored]. Stop bothering us and get your ass fixed and do your job right. K thanks.

I am complaining about an unauthorized transaction on my money network card.

Case # CMS201909060631485790
Jamar Pearson
Card# [protected]
329 Reese St., Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Transaction Date. Sept. 4, 2019
Someone stole my card and made an unauthorized ATM transaction at PNC Bank for the amount of $203.50. I have called and explained my situation and would like for this t o be resolved accordingly...
Thank You for your time.

pending charge to be released

I decided to get me a hotel for my birthday and put money on my money network card to pay for it. When I went to the hotel they put a hold of about 1600 for the hotel stay. Which is usual. Hotels always put money on hold and a deposit just Incase something happens for the room. When I left the hotel they charged me for the nights I stayed which was about 1500. I still have my money pending and it's been over a week. I used this card before for hotel stays and it usually come back in a week or so for the money that's on hold. I spoke to a customer service rep named FORD who said that it would take 31 DAMN DAYS!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! AFTER IT CLEARLY SHOWS THAT I PAID FOR THE HOTEL! He then stated to speed things up I would need to get the hotel to fax a letter head with a hand written signature, my first and last name, date I left with the amount I paid. The manager of the hotel sent the fax and when I called money next work they said they didn't get it! Which I complained about because the manager sent it five hours before I called. When I called the rep said that I would have to call tomorrow because the financial dept was closed! ARE YOU SERIOUS! IT WAS SENT THERE FIVE HOURS AGO! So I decided to speak to the supervisor AJ. At first she said they didn't get the fax but double checked because they got a lot of faxes sent. After finding it she said that what the manager at the hotel wrote is wrong! HOW IS IT WRONG?!!!FORD (the rep I spoke to before) said all we needed was the amount that was charged to my card when I left the hotel?!!! WHAT KIND OF SERVICES IS THIS?! I READ OTHER COMPLAINTS AND I NOTICED THE SAME IS HAPPENING TO OTHERS!! YOU GUYS ARE LITERALLY HOLDING MY MONEY THAT I CANT USE NOW FOR NO REASON! AND ITS FRUSTRATING ! WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THIS?! I WANT MY MONEY AND I WANT TO CANCEL MY CARD AND MY BOYFRIENDS CARD

not releasing my money

My company decided to use Money network as their way of paying me. So I received my pay through there and since I didn't want to start using another card (the card that they mailed me) I decided to transfer my funds (with the 3 dollar fee) to my main bank account. It said that it would take them 2-3 business days to have the payment in my bank account. I called on the fourth day and they said that it would actually be deposited at midnight of that fourth day. So I called on the fifth day and they now said I would have to file a case of the money. Guess how long that's going to take... 3-5 business days! Then after that I will still have to withdraw the money and that will take another day. every time I called, the person I would call would give me a different way of retrieving the money. So up until today.. I still haven't gotten my money that was deposited like two weeks ago...

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