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Now I am going to RANT. MTN has got to be the most useless service UNprovider.
1. For every query you have you will try at least 4 times before you get a proper answer.
The correct answer will probably be the sum of all the different answers you have been given by all the different agents you have spoken to.
2. I signed up for LTE, for which we have coverage. We are still waiting 5 months down the line. Promised to contact me by email. Ha! Ha!
3. Phone stolen so try to do a SIM swap. Off line yet again. Since 2.30. Now 4.20. They want the most often dialled number. Do they seriously want all 95 numbers I contact equally regularly?
4. I have a workshop on Saturday and need to contact those attending.
5. 4 calls later someone tells me I need to get a police affidavit. Why didn't the first person person me this?
My summary is that MTN gives half delivery, half time, half answers. 5/10.
That might be acceptable for a Matric pass.
Not for customer service.
I hope MTN reads this.

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