L Aug 02, 2019

This location does not operate and do business in a good manner. On aug 2 2019 a young girl came in the store to purchase cigars and the cashier sold her a pack without asking for ID a second later a police office came and identified himself and notified the cashier that she had just sold to a minor and the store was issued a fine from the city. They have always received fines for selling outdated products, customers have complained that products are stale or outdated but the managers continue to neglect the quality of their products. The one manager there, Mark, is VERY rude to customers and even worse to his employees.
There is a video of him putting his hands on customer. He mistreats both customers and employees, he's rude he's constantly cutting hours and providing no explanation, he neglects the store. The store is really run so poorly it's a terrible way to do business.

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