Mobil Gas Stationemployee

K Aug 17, 2018

The owner has employees that are threatening and abusive. My wife and young child went there today to get gas. Our daughter was in back with our dog. One of the employees, walked straight up to the car, reached through the window. Across my daughter and grabbed out dog with both hands. He pulled and dragging the dog practically out the window. My wife yelled at him to get away from the car, to leave. He ignored the yelling and continued to pull on the dog. He terrified my child, dog and wife. She couldn't pull away without running him over. She did everything to get the clerk insides attention to no avail. When the employee finally stepped away she left. She tried to call the station to speak to a manager, they never answered. She then called the police to file a report when I insisted on it. The police went to the station. Called us with the owners name and number. She called Sean mcsheffreys twice and still haven't received a response, an apology or any measure of safety for any patrons who use this station.

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