Mitsubishi Motors Corporationunacceptable vehicle service

4th October, collected vehicle after dealer having vehicle for 3 weeks doing repairs close to $5000. These repairs, I was told at time of agreeing to get done, would have vehicle back on the road like new. Gave them the go ahead to do the work. On collecting vehicle found it very difficult to start, was told by the mechanic that he had road tested and everything was great, but lifters may be on the way out so, down the track, car may be hard to start. He advised me that car started first go and nothing to worry about, in hindsight to ensure they got paid for the work they had done even though car was now not functioning. My guess is, that when I arrived first thing in the morning and was told mechanic didn't start until 8:20am (even though I saw him in the workshop working when told this) is they wanted to get the car started by whatever means they could so as when I came back it would at least turn over. Eventually got home, after stalling at any place I needed to get to an idle. Try to start next morning and unable to, clearly some major issue. I now can't even get it to a trusted mechanic without forking out more money to get it towed, and then who knows what cost I will be up for. Had Mitsubishi told me from the beginning "$5000 but we can't guarantee the car will start" well I would not have given them the go ahead at all, I would have sent the car to the wreckers. Now i'm stuck having spent $5000 I have to proceed.

If Mitsubishi had any integrity they would pay costs of towing back to them, complete any repairs necessary to have vehicle running correctly as I was told, and not contact me until it is done properly.

Oct 05, 2019

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