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I did car service on 9th October. I am not happy with service as it said good condition for battery on report but actually out of battery after 2 days. After that service, my car is very hard to start and car is jumping sometimes. I resent for service and take 3 days i been told it should be ok. But after 2days the car engine light turn on again. Car still jumping and hard to start. I need to send to check again. This car is only 5 years old. I am not happy with the quality. This big problem influence my life. I need to work. I do not take more time to sending my car to check every week. I want to find a solution to fix the problem. Engine problem is a big problem and car condition become worse and worse. Bad smelling come out as well. So angry with this car quality

Oct 20, 2019
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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    Hi Rong, the engines in Mitsubishi cars are very robust and would not have these types of problems unless the customer abused them or neglected proper maintenance. When you purchase your next Mitsubishi, consider following the manufacturer recommended maintenance plan!

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